4th Thoroughbred

"Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity"

Welcome To Royal Military College Batch 83-87 Website

If you graduated from RMC between 1983-1987 you are automatically a member. Please pass this message on to anyone you are still in touch with. Former teachers are also invited and more than welcomed to attend our reunion activities and be our VITs (Very Important Teacher).


To Old Putera Batch 83 - 87

Our reunion represent a chance to reconnect with former batchmates, to revisit haunts (OPA Day) and above all to remember our time as a putera here. It also provised a perfect opportunity for all of us to contribute to each other as brothers and family.

The 80s were a great time for making friends and lots of memories. Many years have passed since we become comrades on 3rd Jan 1983 and a lot of us have lost touch with our fellow batchmates. :Let's make the next reunion the year we rekindle lost friendships and remember Batch 83 - 87!!! 


 Gempur Wira!!!

Reunion 2013 @ 2 Armour , Sungala Camp, Port Dickson.