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I have a number of calls and emails each year with regards to wing clipping so I thought that that I should included it.

Some of you reading this may feel the same way about wing clipping as I do, whats the point in a bird having wings if your going to cut of the feathers.

Well the fact of the matter is sometimes you have to do if for the good of the bird.


Most of the breeds of duck that are breed today are unable to fly. This is due to the way that they have been breed, however the small breeds such as Call ducks ect are more than able to fly and you will soon loose them if you dont. The same goes for chickens they are not great flys and i see no reason to clip their wings unless you have a low fence and even then the are able to jump

If you wish to clip your birds wings then do so with great care

Make sure that when clipping the wings you only cut the first 10 primary and cut them just as you reach the secondary feathers as shown by the line. Try to keep the cut as neat as possible and use a sharp pair of scissors.

Its important that this is only done on one wing as the aim is to unbalance the bird. This will need to be done each year just after the birds moulted



Doves and pigeons wings should never be cut as once they are on the floor they will be unable to get back to roost. And the feathers once cut will not regrow untill the next moult.

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