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This graceful bird is undoubtedly the most well known of all the pigeon family. It is admired by both the pigeon fancier and also by the person that just wants a few to fly around the garden.

 There are three types of fantail, the exhibition that has a very errect tail and should only be kept in an aviary, Because of its large tail it is not a strong flyer and soon becomes prey to the local Hawks. The second being the garden fantail. These are very popular and do extremely well in both an aviary and also free flight around the garden, in fact they almost seem tailer made for the garden. The third is what i call a full tail and is mid way between the garden and the exhibition and can be kept in both a dovecote or avairy. There is also a fourth dove that is very popular, the white garden dove. These have no fantail and are once again ideal for the garden. Also very popular for weddings, funerals ect

 Fantails soon become accustomed to their new owners and will become tame. They add that little extra to the garden with their almost exotic appearance and their general calm as they flutter rather than fly from A to B. They can be watched for hours going about their business fluttering from roof top to roof top before returning home for a roam around the garden in search of food. They can be housed in any number of ways from a simple box attached to a wall to an elaborate dove cote.








White garden dove very popular for dovecotes


The Garden Fantail has a less erect tail than the exhibition making it ideal for the garden. The most popular colour is white.



Doves look great in these purpose built dove cotes but can be kept almost anywhere.

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