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jesus loves you... unless you're gay

i can't stand these religious assholes at our school who say that Jesus and God love everyone, and forgive everyone, and then say that homosexuals just aren't going to make it into heaven. what the fuck? it's a sin to have a NATURAL sexual preference? i just don't see how having sex with the opposite sex is a healthy christian exercise, while attraction to the same gender results in a firey eternity.

a common phrase of the asshole christian is, "they choose to have sex with the same sex," or "they choose to commit that sin." allow me to tell you all right now that this is 100% false. no, not 100%... 478% false. homosexuality is something that is determined at conception. now, i'm no doctor, but i know that it's either a chromosomal disease, or a malfunction in the brain. these men at no point in their existence say, "you know what? i think i'm going to do men from now on." it's something that they realize down the road of life. some realize it when they have a girlfriend. some realize it after being with a girlfriend long enough to have had heterosexual intercourse with her. hell, some realize it when they have 3 kids! does jesus really think that a man would impregnate a woman 3 times and then decide to switch to men for the sheer joy of it? NO! (note: jesus doesn't exist anyway.)

would a person actually choose to be homosexual? would a person WANT the rejection, the hate, and the discrimination that goes along with being gay? the answer is no. no one, absolutely NO ONE would want to choose a path of unlimited scorn. plain and simple. still an asshole? let's move on, then.

did you know that some animals are gay? there are gay dogs, gay cats, gay gorillas...the list goes on and on. did these animals CHOOSE to like the same sex? did these animals CHOOSE not to procreate? are these animals going to ANIMAL HELL? THE ANSWER TO ALL OF THESE ARE NO!!!

are things starting to make sense yet, mr. bible?