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Bums Don't Know What They're Doing

don't feel sorry for him, he's asking for it
Pity me, I'm drunk.

I really don't understand homeless people. Honestly, what the fuck are they thinking? You give them a dollar, and someone else gives them 27 cents, and by the end of the day they've gotta have at least $20! So what do they do with it? THEY SPEND IT ON ALCOHOL AND CIGARETTES! I look at the situation with homeless people and I honestly think a lot of them deserve it. If you don't want to live in the gutter for the rest of your life, there are ways of getting out of the gutter.

Let's say the average hobo makes $25 a day in dirty sympathy money. That's what, $175 a week? If he can find a hotdog vender he can eat well for about $5 a day. So technically he will have $140 at the end of the week. Here's the money-shot. He can take that $140 to the BANK, NOT THE FUCKING LIQUOR STORE, and deposit it.

Now, as we all know there are 52 weeks in a year. $140 x 52 is $7280. So after a year on the streets, he'll have made over $7000. The average shithole apartment could run for about $400 a month. If this vagabond is lucky enough to find a $400 a month apartment, he could live out of his bank account for almost a year and a half where he can be warm, bathe, and make himself look presentable.

While he's living in his apartment he can start applying for, gasp, you guessed it: jobs. It won't be hard for him to find a job, either. I know worse trash than bums that work at local fast food restaurants. If i saw on someone's resume that they organized their life while living on the street and was able to get themselves an apartment while having no legal income, I'd have no problem hiring him. It shows that he has a will to better himself, and that he can stick with something long enough to do so.

After getting a job at, let's say McDonald's, for $6 an hour, the now employed and sheltered man will make $240 a week. He's moving up, and making $12,000 a year instead of $7,000 from panhandling. As he stays at his $400 a month apartment, he can start managing his money so that he can live off his income instead of his bank account. He'll make $960 a month, and after paying for his rent he'll have $560. The smart person could put away $100 of that into the bank, where it will grow with interest. After that the man has $460 to spend on food, clothes, and his bills. Not too shabby, considering his total bills shouldn't be much over $150 a month.

Over time, the lower-class employee of the work force will get promotions at his job, and start making more money. In about 2 years he could be making anywhere between $10-$12 an hour depending on how hard he works. And since he knows how much being homeless fucking sucks, he'll be sure to work his ass off to the point where they'll want to promote him. Now he's up to $480 a week, and can almost pay off his monthly bills in one week's worth of work.

So now, a man that was in the very lowest possible position on the living ladder is now making his way up into society. He'll look back on his life and realize: I've made it this far because I didn't spend my money on booze and nicotine. After he realizes this he'll write a book about how he made it in the world, and this book will sell a million copies. People will want to know how a man can go from nothing to a decent life in less than 5 years. The once untouchable piece of human trash will now be a millionaire best selling author, and will be living the good life in a 3 story house with a white picket fence.

i rule and you know it.