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50 Cent is the absolute worst.

I've seen the devil, and his name is 50 Cent. I've tried to stay open minded to all kinds of music, and I usually can. There are a choice few rappers I could listen to without a flinch. But this has gone too far. I can't deal with this, and I feel that suicide is the only answer.

The downfall of the planet Earth is among us. It's been said that when Armageddon comes, we will hear the long blare of a trumpet as the Angels come to take the good souls up to Heaven. Well the bible just changed its mind.

oh the humanity

When the death comes, a fireball will rip through into our dimension. Demon after demon will fly out of the freshly torn wound and start stealing souls. Loudly playing over the murder and screaming will be "GO SHORTY, IT'S YO BIRFDAY, WE'RE GONNA PARTY LIKE IT'S YO BIRFDAY, DRINK BACARDI LIKE IT'S YO BIRFDAY!" Unsuspecting humans without the proper protective gear will be killed on the spot. Every hole in their body will secrete an ocean of blood, and they will burst into flames. They will remain scorching and lifeless until the demons take their souls.

Just as the world begins to implode, the loud booming lyrics will echo: "YOU SAY YOU A GANGSTA, BUT YOU NEVA COPPED NOTHIN, SAY YOU A WANKSTA...." At this very moment the universe will turn inside out, spewing limbs and gore into a parallel dimension, never to be seen again.

I'm fucking serious. I don't know if I want to stay on this planet when someone can say "birfday" over and over again and make more money than me. I seriously think our economy thrives on stupidity. The only thing keeping us out of the Great Depression II is "music" filled with unrecognizable ebonics. I've decided I'm going to help keep our country out of the hell hole. are you ready?

chiznillin at my crib
it's my birfday
we's sippin da bacardi
where da hoes?
i got da smoke right here
come up shorty i'll's getcha high
best be backin the Benjy's though
nobody tokes mah shit fo' free
on my birfday
the day i came out that bitch's shit
on my birfday

There you go. where's my million dollars?

i really hope this whole moronic craze eats itself alive soon, because i'm getting fucking sick of it. People are making money by sounding like a dumbass, high on anything you'd give them, and selling it to the cellphone toting idiots of America. Not only that, but they are making more money than someone who saves lives! What's more important: a police man, or P. Diddy? Who's going to drench your burning house: a fireman, or Ja Rule? WHY THE FUCK ARE THESE ASSHOLES MAKING SO MUCH MONEY FOR DAMAGING OUR TEENAGERS, WHEN SOMEONE WHO PROTECTS US FROM A DRIVEBY MAKES $35,000 A YEAR?!