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After the last RCW event, there was a lot of controversary surrounding the heavyweight championship. In the 1st ever "Fan Participation Strap Match" involving former champion Bonecrusher and Farmer Billy Hills, the Farmer came out on top and made Crusher submit to his "Stump Puller". After the match was over, Farmer took his newly won championship and viciously attacked the former champion while he was down. After several members of the RCW roster calmed Farmer down, he was lead back to the locker room where he became irate, destroying property and had to be escorted from the premises. RCW Management has taken it upon themselves to strip Farmer of the heavyweight title. The board of directors came up with the 1st ever "Title Turmoil Match" for RCW's next event to be held on June 7th, 2008 in Marmaduke, Arkansas. Every member of the RCW roster will be involved. Everyone will draw a # in which they will enter the match. 2 stars will start the match and then every 90 second another star will make their way to the ring. After everyone is in the ring, the turmoil begins. It will be pinfall or submission only and the last remaining wrestler in the ring after all others have been eliminated will be declared the new RCW heavyweight champion!




In what was supposed to be his 1st defense against Zane Richards, led to what became his 1st defense against Suicidal Youth. Zane Richards was nowhere to be found at the last RCW event so a contender had to be named for the No Limits Championship. A match between Crazy Train and Suicidal Youth was made and the winner of that would go onto face Deranged later in the evening. Youth came out on top of that altercation and got another chance at the title. Youth put up a very good effort in his quest for the championship, but fell short. Both men were fighting out on the floor. Deranged charged towards Youth, who dodged out of the way and Deranged, in mid-air and could not stop himself, nailed a fan on the front row by mistake. Youth checked on the fan while the champion made his way back into the ring. After almost being counted out, Youth finally managed to make it back in the ring where he was immediately attacked by the champion. Somehow, Youth caught Deranged off guard and went to the top rope for his "Swanton Bomb", but Deranged kicked the referee into the ropes causing Youth to sail right onto his back with no one there for him to land on. Deranged delivered his "Slip Personality" onto Youth to retain his championship. His 1st title defense was successful, but how many more times will he be so lucky? And who will he face on June 7th? Only the RCW board of directors knows for certain. We will have more on this as it develops.




At the last RCW event, the Hambones made everyone firm believers that they will do anything to win. They cheat at any given opportunity and they did just that on more than one occasion. Hambone #2 (right) wrestled "Wildcard" Chris Graham. Graham had him beat but Hambone #1 (left) caught the referees attention and Hambone #2 nailed Graham with one of those bones they carry to the ring with them and picked up the cheap win. Hambone #1 wrestled the 400 pound man monster known as Tank and was cleanly pinned after a big splash until Hambone #2 ran into the ring and blasted Tank in the back with the bone causing the disqualification. Tanks partner, "Badstreet Boy" Ryan Lee, who had been sitting in the crowd due to a recent neck injury at the hands, or should I say bones of the Hambones, had seen enough and ran into the ring in turn running the Hambones out. After checking on his partner, the pair made their way to the announcers stand where they demanded that the Hambones be put in their place. They asked for a no holds barred match. Anything goes for June 7th. The Hambones had other ideas. Hambone #1 made the challenge for a Dog-Food Match, in which the loser has to be fed dog food by someone in the crowd. Tank and Ryan accepted the challenge, so on Saturday June 7th, in Marmaduke, Arkansas, RCW will have yet another 1st as The Hambones  vs  The O.B.C.-One Bad Crew of "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank and "Badstreet Boy" Ryan Lee in a DOG-FOOD MATCH!


What occurred in the after match attack by the Hambones against Ryan Lee, the doctors will not clear him to wrestle at RCW's June event. Lee has suffered more compression in his neck and it is not healing properly after the attack. The Hambones are the original reason Lee is out and have only made things worse. So with that being said, "Wildcard" Chris Graham, who has faced the Hambones on numerous occasions, will be stepping in to team with Tank against the Hambone on June 7th in RCW's 1st EVER DOG-FOOD MATCH!!!!!