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'nih-aitheantas go h-aointios' .... 'to know beauty one must live with it' " old Irish proverb


FIN, IR CH Curiosity All In One NedW'08, An Ch '09

The Top Winning Silky Terrier in Ireland

Top Silky Terrier Ireland 2009 

Reserve Best Male Crufts 2009

Reserve Best Male European Show 2009

Amsterdam Winner 2008


DOB: 30/06/02       Eyes H/C & PRA Clear (Jan 2010)


FIN, IR & INT CH Curiosity All in One

A video of "Paavo" moving

34 Green Stars, 32 BOB, 3 Reserve Green Star, 1 BOS, 5 CACIB, 1 Reserve CACIB, 3 Group 1st, 2 Group 2nd, 4 Group 3rd, 1 Group 4th, BIS 4th, BIS 5th, Champion Stakes 1st, YKC Stakes 1st, Amsterdan Winner '08, Reserve Best Male CRUFTS '09 & European Winner Show '09

Sire of Current Top Silky Terrier in Ireland 2010

Paavo & Kelly both celebrated their birthdays on 30th June 2010. Paavo has enjoyed a nice break from the ring, and at 8 years old will make an appearance in some Veteran Stakes later this year.

Paavo brought Silkies to the fore in Ireland throughout 2008 and 2009. The Terrier group is one of the hardest groups to break through, as the standard of Terrier breeds in Ireland is World Class. Paavo proved he could hold his own and accumulated a total of 3 Group Wins & 7 placings under Top Terrier Specialists & All Rounders from Ireland & Abroad.

Many thanks to all judges who recognised Paavo's qualities and awarded him Top Honours against stiff competition, and to all the Terrier exhibitors who have shown their support.


8 years old 


Group 3 and BIS 4 - September, 08

"Paavo arrived in Ireland following the World Show in July '08 where he won the Open Male Class under Breed Specialist Mr. Michael Camac from Australia.  He very quickly gained his Irish Title and was Top Silky Male in Ireland 2008 and Runner-Up Top Silky in Finland 2008 based on his wins there before coming to Ireland.  Thank you Tina and Pia of  Curiosity Kennel for letting him come to us"




21.11.09 Banbridge Ch Show Mrs L Erhart (Norway) 1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB  
 15.11.09 Cloghran Ch ShowMr J Madden (Ire) 1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB 
 28.10.09Bull Breeds Ch Show Mr M Murphy (Ire)1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB 
27.09.09  Belfast Ch Show (UK)Ms. M. Hamill (Ire)  1st Open male, Best Male, BOB AND SHORTLISTED IN TOY GROUP
 19.09.09Carlow Ch Show Mr B Grace (Ire)  1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB
 22.08.09Tralee Ch Show  Mrs A T Strande (USA) 1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB, GROUP 4 AND WINNER CHAMPION STAKES 
 20.08.09 Limerick Ch ShowMr M Forte (Ire)  1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB    
18.08.09 Killarney Ch Show Mrs G Morrison (S.A.)  1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB    
15.08.09 Clonmel Ch Show Mr C. Stefanescu (Rom)  2nd Champion male, Res Green Star
15.08.09 All Terrier Group Show Mr T Hehir (Ire)  1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB  and shortlisted in Group 
 08.08.09Bangor Ch Show Mrs R McCarry Beattie (Ire)  1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB   
 25/07/09Dundalk Ch Show Mr J Kirk (N Ire)  1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB 
 18/07/09 Sligo Ch ShowMrs P Eerola (Fin)  1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB  and GROUP 2
 05/07/09ILKA Ch Show Mr P Behan (Ire) 1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB 
 04/07/09 Bray Ch ShowMr S O'Brien (Ire) 1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB 
 28/06/09 Deise Ch Show Mr P Harsanyi (Hun) 1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB  and shortlisted in Group
27/06/09 Kilkenny Ch Show Mrs O Black (Aus) 1st Champion male, Green Star, BOB  and shortlisted in Group
20/06/09 Swords International Show Mrs. M. Möller Sieber (Ger) 1st Champion male, CACIB, Green Star, BOB 
29/05/09  EUROPEAN WINNER SHOW DUBLIN Mr.  Istvan Naji  (Hung) 2nd Champion, Res CACIB 
 16/05/09Hibernian Ch Show Miss S Taggart (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB, GROUP 3 
10/05/09  Birmingham National (UK) YKC Toy Dog StakesMrs I McManus (Scot) 1st Place 
 10/05/09Birmingham National (UK) Mrs S Saxby (UK) 3rd Open Dog 
03/05/09 Fermoy International Show Mr N Jovanovic (Slov) 1st Champion, Green Star, CACIB, BOB, GROUP 2 and International Champion subject to FCI confirmation 
02/05/09 South Tipp Ch Show Mrs Y Smith (New Zealand) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB, GROUP 1 and BIS 5 
18/04/09 Cork & District Ch Show Mr P O'Brien (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB, GROUP 1 
 11/04/09 Combined Canine International Show Mr H. Rellstab (Switz)1st ChampionGreen Star, CACIB & BOB    
07/03/09Newtownards Ch Show Mr J Jouanchicot (France) 1st Champion, Green Star 
17/03/09 IKC Celtic Winner Mr J Davies (UK) 2nd Champion, Res Green Star 
 07/03/09CRUFTS Mrs. L. Stannard (UK) 2nd Open Dog, Reserve Best Male 
27/12/08 Dublin Dog Show Society Ch Show Mrs. L. Cox (Ire) Ýst Champion, Green Star, BOB, 3rd in Group
29/11/08 Amsterdam Winner, Netherlands Mr H. Kehkonen (Fin) 1st ChampionCAC, CACIB, Res BOB & WINNER '08   
15/11/08 Cloghran Ch Show Mr G Cox (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star & BOB  
27/10/08 Bull Breeds Ch Show Mr K Maye (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star & BOB 
18/10/08 Portadown Ch Show Mrs S Kealy (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star & BOB  
20/09/08 Carlow Ch Show Mr D Kavanagh (Ire) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB, Group 1 and BIS 4 
㺎/09/08Darlington Ch Show (UK) Mr R Haynes (UK) 2nd Open Dog 
23/08/08  Tralee Ch Show Mrs S Crapp (USA)1st Champion, Green Star, BOB, Groupá 
 21/08/08Limerick Ch Show Mr V P Kumpumaki (Fin) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB, Groupá and IRISH CHAMPION 
 19/08/08Killarney Ch Show Mr Goni Sanchez (Sp) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB
17/08/08 Clopnmel International Show Mr K Brown (NZ) 1st Champion, Green Star, CACIB, BOB, & Group  3
16/08/08 All Terrier Assoc Group Ch Show Mr J O'Hanlon (Ire)1st Champion, Green Star, RBOB
 02/08/08Monkstown International Show Mr H Gruntner (Ger) 2nd Champion, Res Green Star, Res CACIB 
26/07/08 Dundalk Ch Show Mr M Mate Duran (Slo)  Ýst Champion, Green Star, BOB
19/07/08 Sligo Ch Show Mrs M Cronchey (Aus) 1st Champion, Green Star, BOB