The AEC Renown was a bus chassis intended for lowheight double-deck bodywork and was developed by AEC to Replace the Bridgemaster. The Renown was introduced in the summer of 1962, when the double deck bus business was going through a period of change. The wheelbase was 18ft 3.5in with overall lengths of 30ft or, with a shortened rear overhang, 28ft. Only the AV590 engine was offered and this was set in the chassis at an acute angle to the offside enabling the synchromesh gearbox to be coupled to it interering with the staircase, with the drive going to the offside of the dropped centre rear axle. Whilst air suspension was used on the rear axle, the front reverted to a beam axle with leaf springs.

The first production Renowns were bodied by Willowbrook and deliviered to South Wales Transport, other customers for the Renown were other BET group companies including North Western and East Yorkshire, municipal operators included Leicester who order both front entrance and rear entrance examples. the only other rear entrance bodies being ordered by Leigh Corporation. Nottingham and Wolverhampton Corporations added Renowns to their fleets, eight chassis went to independents, one to Scottish Omnibuses, in a total 252 Renowns built.

Many Renowns were to have only a short life with their first operators, many being sold for further use in the 1970's and some went direct for scrap, six Renowns were exported 596 LCG (later to return to England) CFC 357C, went to the USA, ex South Wales Transport 304 ECY, 314 ECY went to Greyline, Winnipeg, Canada, in 1975. DFC 263D and DFC 264D ex City of Oxford examples arrived in Australia and one of these is believed to still exsist.

AEC Renowns in service and saved for preservation or thought to still survive. Any updates on these buses appreciated

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595 LCG ex King Alfred

Friends of King Alfred

596 LCG ex King Alfred

Friends of King Alfred

8071 ML Demonstrator Rudi Boosten, Netherlands 2016.
1975 TJ ex Leigh Corporation

Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company Ltd

332 RJO ex City of Oxford G. Wareham
340 TJO ex City of Oxford Now in Germany
342 TJO ex City of Oxford Exported to Europe.
345 TJO ex City of Oxford Martyn Hearson 2014. still in ex Morris Bros livery.
CKH 777C ex East Yorkshire Lance Blackman. Stored Keighley Bus Museum.
CKH 782C ex East Yorkshire New owner?.
CKH 780C ex East Yorkshire

exported 2015. Beatus Bar, Lisbon, Portugal. Roof removed.

PTC 114C ex Leigh Corporation Manchester Transport Museum.
DBC 190C ex Leicester City Transport 190 Group, Leicester.
FJF 40D ex Leicester City Transport Andrew Tucker. No.40 returned to the road 2012.
YTJ 628D ex Leigh Corporation Morecambe Heritage Bus Company, under restoration 2016.
FWL 371E ex City of Oxford


Oxford Bus Museum


BKG 713B ex Western Welsh

 Mrs Jenkins, Cwmbran.

DBC 188C ex Leicester City Transport Exported to Naples, Italy. Cafe. Any recent sightings?
7552 MX ex Demonstrator Spares donor. Friends of King Alfred Group
DAU 379C ex Nottingham Exported 1993, opentopper. Any recent sightings?
DAU 366C ex Nottingham Nottingham Heritage Vehicles Charity. Hucknall June 2016
DAU 372C ex Nottingham Mobile home, Colwick Rd, Nottingham. still in use 2015.