Remi's Gift

Helping those facing a negative prenatal diagnosis by providing courage & strength to honor their babies through life and death.

Remi's Gift is a resource and connection area for people who have received a negative pre-natal diagnosis, or has had a baby pass away during infancy.  There are many parents who look back and wish they would have done things differently or embraced the time they had in a different way.  It is difficult to think of this when your life seems as if it is being ripped apart.  The sorrow will always be there but it shouldn't overshadow the love we have for our child.  It's quite the dichotomy as the most difficult thing we face is also a gift.
Every child brings something with them into the world - and these precious babies are no different.  It's important focus on the blessings and honor them for who they are. 
It wasn't until we realized it was okay to grieve and at the same time celebrate our daughter for who she was, that we truly received Remi's gifts. 

Through our experience we hope to encourage families to embrace this time and memorialize the pregnancy, birth and life of their matter how brief.  

We hope the following pages will provide information, strength, peace and comfort.      


Jim, angel-daddy

Everett, angel-brother 


If you need any information or just want someone to e-mail with or talk to, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at everettmom@msn.comIt's always nice to talk to someone who has been there and I truly believe one of the best thing's I did was connect with other Angel-Mom's.