Spiritual Renaissance Camp

Kids Summer Camp 2015!!!


Campers will learn:

     How to enhance creative expression

(including: dance, music, writing and art)

     An understanding of leadership/teambuilding skills/qualities/ideals

     Peace/non-violence education

     Conflict resolution/coping skills

     Yoga/Qi  gong/EFT/Brain Gym exercises

     Many different meditations/visualizations/

breathing exercises to aid in relaxation, concentration, and focus for school or sports

     Spiritual drumming techniques

     An understanding of quantum physics and its relation to esoteric teachings and our picture of the world

     An understanding of the aura (human energy field) and the chakras (energy centers) and how they affect our lives

     An understanding of prana/qi (universal life energy) and ways to apply it in their lives

     An understanding of the levels of consciousness for better knowledge of dreams/ creativity/ meditation/ physical and mental healing

And much more...