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This website will hopefully enable those RAF, British Army and civilian personnel who served at RAF Jurong, or any other unit on Singapore Island, to regain contact with each other after all this time.  We hope that long lost friendships will be re-kindled.

Please feel free to sign the guestbook, telling us a little about yourself. You will then soon become a limited member.

Shortly after that you will be requested to fill in a profile letting us know some brief details about yourself, your service background and your time served at RAF Jurong or your unit on the island.  Your completed profile will determine full membership.

This is a requirement and a condition of membership.

Once accepted as a full member you will have access to all aspects of the site, and be able to publish any anecdotes or photos etc. which may be of interest to us all.  And of course you will then be able to link up with all other members of the RAF Jurong website.

It's great to be able to share with each other some of our memories of Jurong, and the magic of the Far East during those post colonial times. 

We hope you enjoy your website.

Please ensure that every effort is made to publish material which is not offensive in any way.



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