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Reply Paul Forge
3:50 AM on December 21, 2017 


Martin (Tom) Hall RIP

It's with great sadness that we have learnt that Martin, our old friend and veteran of RAF Jurong, has died after a very brave battle with a long illness.

We send our good wishes and hearfelt condolences to his wife June and her family and friends.

Rest in peace dear old Martin.

Reply Paul Forge
6:06 AM on July 5, 2017 

Hi Yorkie

Just awaiting your completed profile. As soon as it comes in, your full membership will be restored and you will be able to use your new email address to log in. 

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards


Reply Yorrkie den
11:51 AM on June 26, 2017 

I was already a member but lost my details and changed my e-mail etc. However Here U are: I was posted to Jurong in January 1954 I spent nearly 2 years there.

People I remeber:

Joe Wood  Cook   Roy simmons   fireman    W/O Le Croix  Ron Fish  Jock McBeath  Roy Sunderland POLICE  John Preedy  POP Naffi Manager  .

I ran the cinema for over a year, I was a member of the camera club I played cricket against the Aussies from Tengah

I was transferred back to SSC at Changi late 1954 and returned to UK March 1955 on the Empire Trooper

Hows that for u OK?

Reply Paul Forge
3:37 AM on January 5, 2017 

A very warm welcome to our newest member Brian/Eddie Edwards.

We hope you enjoy the site. You may well see some familiar names in our list of "ex Jurongites".

Kind regards


Reply Mairi Drummond
1:16 PM on October 9, 2016 

Hi, I have fond memories of RAF Jurong - my father Wally/Walter Drummond was stationed there in the late 60's/early 70's - I was very lucky to live with my mother  and sister in the family accommodation on the base - I think there were only 6 quarters - ours was one of 2 up past the range.

Reply Paul Forge
3:04 AM on August 18, 2015 

Hi Cristine

Thanks for your interest in the Jurong website.

If you let us know your father's Christian and surnames we will add him to the list of Ex Jurongites, which of course  is his entitlement as he was stationed at RAF Jurong.

Kind regards

Paul (admin)

Reply Cristine Dardel
4:22 AM on August 11, 2015 

Father in JURONG . I was born in Singapore during that time.

Reply Paul Forge
3:28 AM on January 25, 2015 

Hi Allen

Welcome to the RAF Jurong website.  There is even photographic evidence that you were there !  As soon as I see you appear on the members list, I will transfer your membership to "full".  I hope you enjoy the site, small as it is.   You will see some of your old friends here !

Kind regards, Paul

Reply Allen Stephens
1:13 PM on January 24, 2015 

Posted to Jurong from Locking in 1963. Did my 2.5 years and left as an SAC in 1966. Enjoyed the experiance of tuning the SWB's and HS Tx's, played Rugby at Tengah and for BG as we didn't have a team. Built and flew model aircraft on the football field. Fitting party included Dick English, Dick Griffiths and a few more. Sgts Medows and Vick Cook on Days I was on watch work for my sins. 

Reply Martin aka Tom
7:08 AM on November 23, 2014 

Hi Shah,

Apa tahun lamanya keluarga anda tinggal di Jurong? Saya masih ingat beberapa orang dari masa itu, satu adalah Encik Koh, yang bersama saya berkongsi kepentingan dalam hi fi.

Saya adalah satu-satunya Inggeris di kem yang mempelajari bahasa Melayu sedikit, kebanyakan yang saya masih ingat. Di sini saya menipu, kerana saya menggunakan google translate !!

My mum and others mainly malay and Indians used to work for cable & wireless, I used to live in the camp RAF Electronics Jurong 15miles, and the British withdrew in 1973.Used to play football , and remember the band "Assasins" if I'm not wrong.

[/Shah Nagamuttu]

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