Amateur Radio Fair, Balanced and Fun

So much fun, You would think it is illegal!!!


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             February 28, 2010

We the people of the United States of America as well as members of the amateur radio community, in order to promote fellowship and camaraderie of those with common views, have developed this discussion group for the preservation of the rights and opinions of all amateur radio operators.  The views and opinions of the following discussion group may be found offensive to some with liberal or progressive views and said people should take this as a warning that if you find our discussion offensive, please use this time to ‘role the vfo’.

We will be discussing various current events and other political happenings and do not wish to have anyone whining or complaining about being offended.  It is not the intention of this discussion group to offend anyone, however; we as citizens of the United Stated of America will not be censored.   This discussion group will comply with the regulations set for by the Federal Communications Commission  part ninety-seven of the amateur radio service.  We ask that all participants of this discussion group keep in mind that there may be others listening and to please try to refrain from the use of profanity during this time of discussion. 

Now without further ado; Let‘s get this party started! Radio Free America starts now.