Amateur Radio Fair, Balanced and Fun

So much fun, You would think it is illegal!!!

                                                         Our group's origin.

Several years ago a few crybaby's started complaining to repeater owners that they didn't approve of the topics of discussion that we was talking about on the radios. They kept calling the repeater owners and complaining every time we was on the radio.   The repeater would be as quiet as a morgue until the certain group would begin having a discussion of current events and other stuff we found interesting. Then the old crows would start hollering and calling the repeater owners.

Finally after we was fed up with all the stupidity and attempts of censorship we decided to started our own group. This discussion will promote the excellence in transmitting discussion time and assure that the rights of every American are protected.   We are happy to have everyone come join in the fun, however we don't expect anyone to start harping and whining about our topics of discussion.   If you can't come have a good time of communication, then don't bother stopping by.

Hope to have many more evenings of excellence in transmitting. Stop by and say hello.