Amateur Radio Fair, Balanced and Fun

So much fun, You would think it is illegal!!!


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If you get voted off the Island of Misled Hams and wish to be rescued  you have came to the right place.  Radio Free America is exactly what it says; Fair Balanced and Fun.    :)


The Fair and Balanced Voice of Amateur Radio

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Voo Doo Whiskey
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Well Tony,


"Let not your heart be troubled..." about such things. It was evident that those folks probably don't have exactely the same values and beliefs that we hold dear. In fact, I think they were Obama supporters.


I can't post alot of political views at these time here folks, but I will when I come off of active duty orders here at the end of September - look out Nancy Pelosi...


Take a look at my QRZ bios under my callsigns W4VDW and YI9VDW (my Iraq callsign still good till December), I'm just a good ole' boy with a radio.


Tony, thanks for the email you sent welcoming me here; it was greatly appreciated.




 if you want to talk 2M or 70cm, I have my VHF/UHF stuff up and can hit into Middlesboro repeaters and Pineville, so let me know when you want to talk. I'm home till the end of September and enjoy talking through the day. I'm current reworking my tower and have added two 10' sections and a Spiderbeam HF antenna to go on top of the Cuchcraft MA5B, so the HF is down for another week, but the VHF/UHF is UP!



GOD Bless and 73





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