Messages from the Radiant One

I Am that I AM - I Will Be what I Will to Be

The One I AM



I AM ever Being the wondrous rapture that I AM. From the wellspring of Being I proceed in ceaseless generations.

From the Effulgence of my Being and into the eternal depths therein all Love and Light resounds. From the Infinite

Space thru every octave the eternal symphony flows in unending harmony in concert with the Mother Heart. The

blazing fire of My holy Love consumes all....and encompasses the totality of all worlds. I Am ever Be-ing and Be-

coming All that my Will desires manifesting my vision thru-out time and space. I Am the One, the All, the Totality,

the Supreme and Original Being, the Primordial Light, Infinite Intelligence, Immortal Spirit, Living Mind, Perpetual

Life, Eternal Love, Core-glory of All that exists, all that was and ever will be. I awaken this I AM Reality within your

 own heart where in illumined vision and holy concert we are One. I call your True Self to recognize its own glory

and beauty in the Christ-Light and caress your Self in the unconditional Love that IS.


 Heart-blessings and perpetual peace be yours in the Beloved - assume your Power, embrace your calling, Be the

Love that you Are as you allow your God-flame to ever blaze. The One I AM prevails perfecting the eternal Vision

 of everlasting Life and liberty. I set you free now to Be and Be-come all that Love wills.



Return to Unity



Welcome to the One, the Only, the Entirety, the Fullness, the glory, the Universal. Here Now..............the One, the

All-glorious Light. Awake now to the omni-radiant, in whose Being you live, move and have your existence. The

One Life.


'O Infinite Spirit wondrous and Bright, I hail thy life-giving streams and enter fully into the surgence of thy refreshings'.


As our hearts attune to the holy concert of all creation,.....we are called to return to Unity. We awaken in the dawn

 of our consciousness to the underlying, all-pervading, singular, infinite, magnificent mystery of the Unity of



'O glorious One, my being in your Being forever being.'


Hail thy Light, praise thy Name, give thanks for thy Eternal Love.





Divine Will Triumphant




I Am


I Am Power


I Am Love


I Am Wisdom


I Am Light


I Am ever Be-coming All that my divine potential enables


I AM ever Be-ing and Be-coming All that God, now and





Only One


I offer up in Joy my full acceptance and embrace of the One Unity of divine Being


My heart is wholly anchored in the Unity of Being and radiates the Light


From the One I AM


To the One I AM


One Heart of Love

One grace divine


Forever, forever,

let my light shine.



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