The Adventure Never Ends...

The Supreme Council

As the ultimate authority in Questport, the word of the Supreme Council is law, without exception. Fortunately, it is the Council's sworn duty to insure the SAFETY of, and maintain ORDER among, all members of the Fellowship, not to mention the other citizens of Questport. Therefore, while it is possible (and often necessary) to BRIBE council members for certain favors such as signatures or information, requests that may in any way undermine or jeopardize the two principle functions of the Council will fail, and may result in a harsh fine. So don't even try.

Members of the Supreme Council:

Board of Directors:

  • CM-M - Lord of the Supreme Council
  • CM-K - Chief Builder/Master of Illumination
  • CM-T - Princepia Altoratrix
  • CM-J - Master of Coin

Auxiliary Members:

  • CM-H - High Priestess of the Oracle
  • CM-M - High Priestess of the Temple
  • CM-C - Head Scholar

 Keepers of the Keys:

  • The Secret-Keeper
  • The Chief Steward

Meeting of the Supreme Council