The Adventure Never Ends...

The Journey's End

It is a day of great anticipation and hope in Questport--for the first time in centuries, eight questers have gathered the keys and will attempt to summon the Yostwell's Light. The Fellowship--accompanied by the two ninjas, the two hobbits, and the Lord of the Supreme Council--make their way to the temple, where the keys await.

Hope quickly sours and turns to horror, however, when they realize that the keys are missing from their hooks above the altar. In their place is a small scroll, addressed to "The Questers" in elegant handwriting.

The Letter

 The heroes are both horrified and enraged by this stunning treachery. They search all through the village of Questport, desperately looking for any type of clue to where the Lord of Angels and Demons could have taken the keys. But there is no sign of the keys, and the heroes' hearts grow heavy with dread. Just as they were on the verge of freeing the world from the Darkness, the hope has been snatched away again and all their efforts seem to have been for naught.

However, just when it seems that their search must fail, they see an ugly little creature bouncing through the grass outside of the village. It is one of the gremlins! Before the wicked creature can blink, the ninjas have captured it and dragged it back to the Fellowship. The poor gremlin, frightened by the grim-faced heroes, burst into sniveling tears and tells all it knows, which isn't much. All it has heard is that the Lord of Angels and Demons had set a grim entity to keep watch on the woodland path that leads by The Giant's Bones.

It is not much to go on,  but hope returns to the hearts of the heroers. They proceed cautiously to the forest path, alert for signs of the 'grim entity'. Suddenly flames erupt from amid the trees, and a ferocious warrior leaps out to confront them. A balrog!

Despite the scorching flames that threaten to ignite the whole forest, the Fellowship fights fiercely, knowing that the fate of the world rests upon whether they can recover the keys. Pierced by weapons and beset by spells, the monster gives a cry of anguish and flees, dropping a small iron chest as it retreats. Inside the chest are the eight keys, completely unharmed.

There is no time to waste! Each member of the Fellowship finds the key from their quest amid the small pile, and holds it close. Attended by the faithful ninjas, the hobbits, the Lord of the Supreme Council, and the Fairy Queen, they set off for the prearranged place to call down the Yostwell's Light: the Courts of Tenus.

The Courts lie bleak and deserted under the noonday sun as the heroes arrive; the ancient statues look practically eerie. Directed by the Lord of the Supreme Council, the eight members of the Fellowship arrange themselves in a circle and raise the Keys high. For a moment, the protective enchantments around Questport are lowered, to allow the Yostwell's Light to materialize. The Fairy Queen begins an incantation--

A bloodthirsty howl echoes across the length and breadth of Questport. Three menacing figures step out from under the shadow of the trees and stride towards the Fellowship with doom in their eyes: the Knight of Black Humor, the ogre that the Fellowship had encountered in the Darkness, and a fell sorcerer in an ebony cloak--the Master of Darkness himself.

A sweep of dark energy bursts among the questers, scattering them all across the Courts of Tenus. For a poisoned moment it seems that the Fellowship will be unable to stand against the might of the supremely evil being. But the Fairy Queen fights back, her magic rooted in the four Sacred Elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. The Master of Darkness staggers back, stymied for a bare second, and the heroes rush forwards to stand beside the Fairy Queen.

The battle wages back and forth, utterly destroying the Courts of Tenus. For a long while it seems that neither side will gain the upper hand. But the Fellowship and the ninjas slay the ogre and the knight, robbing the Master of Darkness of his protectors. Unwilling to face both the Fairy Queen and the eight Heroes, the evil sorcerer vanishes.

Weary and battered, the Fellowship once again comes together in the center of the Courts of Tenus. As they raise the golden keys to the sky, the Fairy Queen intones the incantation. In the darkening sky, a point of light gleams.

White flames surround the keys in the heroes' hands, burning brightly but without heat. In response, incandescent light shines in the sky, blazing forth from the eight candles of the huge silver candelabra that descends through the clouds. For a moment there is utter silence.

Then the candelabra radiates a light so intense that the heroes are forced to look away, hiding their eyes. For an entire minute, the flare burns across the world, searing away any trace of Darkness. The Master of Darkness gives a great cry of despair and disappears, burned away by the scouring light.

As a large silver candelabra, molten pools of wax remaining where once tall tapers had burned, drifts gently to the ground, a great sigh goes up, as if the world had let out a long breath of relief. 

 The Darkness is ended, and the Yostwell's Light has returned to Questport at last.