The Gathering At The Temple

The sun shone bright outside the Temple windows, but its warmth did nothing to dispel the cold dread that hung heavy on the heart of the Lord of the Supreme Council. The latest reports from her scouts had only just arrived and the tidings they brought were grim.  The Oracle had warned her that the day would come when evil would once again rise to menace the free people who lived beyond the walls of Questport. This last batch of reports seemed to confirm that those dark days were indeed upon them... and it seemed there was nothing she could do.  

Once-peaceful peasant villagers were running amok in fits of madness. The most skilled craftsmen among the wood elves were falling dead, victims of a dread disease no one could name. Vile, poisonous fumes had descended upon the village of gentle vampires, trapping their minds in dark nightmarish places and leaving a black resinous slime all over their once bright halls and homes. Evil magicians were drawing power from some unknown source and transforming innocent humans into dragons, werewolves, and other creatures of horror. Even the once joyous fairies, whose voices had always filled the forest glades with laughter and delight, now sang songs of lamentation at the loss of their lovely homes to the vicious winds of a terrible storm that had swept through their lands. 

And, as if that were not enough, there was still that most annoying pair: The Lord of Angels and Demons and The King of Thieves and Assassins.Two self-proclaimed aristocrats who were forever at each other’s throats and who loved nothing better than to grab power and make trouble for everyone else.She would have to find a way to deal with them, before their selfish desires caused even more harm.

The heroes of legend who had once protected the world were gone. Long ago, they had disappeared into the mists of time and now it seemed they would never return. She had waited for them. Hoped beyond hope that they would appear once more to set things right, but the time for such hope was past. Something had to be done NOW, or soon there would be nothing left to save.

Lord of the Supreme Council

As she sat brooding at her desk, a Temple warden entered to inform her that “a rather motley crew” of characters was gathered in the great hall seeking an audience with her.  Oddly, it appeared that they were strangers to one another despite the fact that they had all come with a common purpose. Each had suffered grievously from the tragic events recounted in the reports she held in her hand, and all were searching for answers and direction. With a sigh of resignation, the Lord of the Supreme Council rose and followed the warden to the great hall. As she surveyed the ragtag group that awaited her, she could not help but think that his description of these people was a bit too kind. Before her stood the most unlikely group of adventurers she had ever laid eyes upon: two fairies, a couple of elves, a vampire, what looked to be a demon transformer, a heavily cloaked young woman with raven wings, and… was that a DRAGON poking its head through the window?

What was SHE supposed to tell these people? Then, the words of the Oracle came back to her, “It is in times of darkness that heroes are made”, and she now knew what they meant.

Clearing her throat, she addressed the assembly, “Greetings good people. You have come to me, because you have suffered grievously and are in search of a way to combat the evil that now stalks your lands. If that be so, then there is only one thing I can say. Bond ye together in fellowship, for a quest awaits you…”

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