The Adventure Never Ends...



The eight adventures must set forth and cooperatively engage in a series of quests, which--if successful--will strengthen their bonds of fellowship and uncover the lost keys, enabling them to summon the Yostwell's Light.

The Quests:

At the start of each quest, the Fellowship meets with the Lord of the Supreme Council to learn what what has happened  and what they must do.  In order to gain admission to the council chamber, each member of the Fellowship must obtain the signatures of all members of  The Supreme Council currently in residence. Everyone must be properly costumed and behave in an appropriate manner. WEAPONS ARE NOT ALLOWED WITHIN THE TEMPLE.

In reviewing the status of the Quest, the Fellowship should discuss what has been learned and what might be done. This includes the nature of the next task and the skills each member of the Fellowship might contribute.  

The word of any member of the Supreme Council is LAW--any member of the Fellowship who willfully violates the will of the Council will be banished from the Quest. 

Experience Levels:

  • Supreme Council:  Level 2o +
  • Commander:  Level 12 - 19
  • Warrior:  Level 9 - 11
  • Minion: Level 6 - 8
  • Fledgling: < Level 6

Note: To begin a Task, all members of The Fellowship MUST first obtain the signature of members of The Supreme Council. It should be expected that BRIBES are likely to be required before receiving a signature.