• Race:Avia (Raven Tribe)
  • Description:  Tall and fairly broad, dark hair, large wings with black feathers. Usually wears a black cloak, and a bandolier with gold medallions.
  • Home: Nightwings Isle, in the Great Northern Sea
  • Occupation: King of the Raven Avia (in exile)
  • Abilities: Flight, wind magic, storm magic
  • Weaknesses: Hotheadedness, impetuous decisions
  • Weapons: Wind magic, fencing saber, storm magic (rarely)


From an early age, Djadan showed an aptitude for magic that was rare among Avia, who generally prefer physical combat to the more subtle art of magery. He soon became an Adept at wind magic, and began to experiment with storm magic, a far more dangerous and challenging brand of sorcery. His father, King Cyclos, refused to allow him to continue practicing storm magic, and the two of them argued. This quarrel resulted in young Djadan leaving Nightwings Isle in a rage, vowing never to return.

 Djadan journeyed throughout the world for a time, intending to hone his magical abilities--in direct defiance of his father's wishes. He visited Questport, drawn by the tale of the Yostwell's Light, and there studied fencing under the tutelage of the renowned swordsman Ferrule, the Knight Protector of the Temple.

Several years later, he served as an apprentice to Gaidal of Snowmount, the last true practitioner of White Magic. Gaidal taught him a rough control over storm magic, but cautioned him that he must keep his mind clear when using this dangerous sorcery: if he allowed his emotions to take over, it could lead to death or worse.

Before Djadan could complete his apprenticeship, however, the evil Sorcerer-King of Khadein attacked Snowmount, intending to rid the world of White Magic forever. He slew Gaidal and took Djadan prisoner, seeking to hold him for ransom.

But Cyclos was unwilling to pay gold for his prodigal son's return, and the young Avia languished in the dungeons of Khadein for over a year. Just when he began to believe he would die if he stayed imprisoned for much longer, the Syrian adventurer Queen Mavia rescued him, slaying the Sorcerer-King in the process. In gratitude, Djadan granted to her the power of flight, the first time such a gift had been given to a human in thousands of years. 

Still refusing to return home, the Raven prince instead traveled to the Silver Mere, home of the Swan Avia. He stayed there for five years, in the post of Court Magician to the king. During his time in the Mere, he fell in love with Selene, the third daughter of the Swan King. The king was eager to marry off Selene--known as the Black Swan of the Mere for her unusual dark feathers--and soon the two were making their vows before the altar. 

One year later, news arrived from Nightwings Isle. King Cyclos was dead, and his widow had summoned Djadan back to the island to take up the leadership of the Raven Tribe. Djadan was reluctant to return--he had spent more than a decade in exile--but Selene persuaded him to return to his home. Although some of the younger Ravens were apprehensive about a king that they barely knew, the older members of the tribe remembered their prince from before his departure. Djadan took the throne with little incident.

Three years after the death of King Cyclos, a new warrior ascended to the leadership of the Eagle Tribe, the Raven Tribe's rivals and often enemies. This king was proud and haughty, and eager to avenge injuries that were already more than a score of years past.

What started as skirmishes and raids between the tribes soon turned to out-and-out war, a bloody conflict that raged for half a decade and claimed countless lives. The Eagle Tribe was decimated, yet their proud king refused to surrender despite the overwhelming odds. 

 The Eagle king led a surprise raid in the depths of night, catching the Ravens by surprise and causing great slaughter. Selene was struck down by an enemy warrior, and Djadan's young daughter, Arameia, vanished, presumably drowned.

Filled with sorrow and wrath at the losses of the two people most dear to him, Djadan lashed out with his magic. But the power of the storm, pent up inside him for so many years, was too great, and he lost control of it. A powerful hurricane tore across the ocean, pounding the Razor Coast. It devastated the aeries of the Eagle tribe, but the king and his warriors, ever on the attack, were not there. Instead, dozens of hatchlings and elders died, and carefully-tended eggs were smashed open on the rocks.

When the cloud of rage lifted from the Raven King's mind, he was filled with horror at what he had done. Even unintended, the murder of hatchlings and eggs was the most reprehensible act an Avia could commit. As the king of the Eagles began calling for his head, Djadan renounced the throne of the Raven Avia and vowed to undertake a journey of penance, not returning to Nightwings Isle until he had made reparation for the wrongs he had done. Always one step ahead of killers sent by the Eagles, he traveled across the land until he came again to Questport, hoping to find redemption there.

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