Responses from the Book of Knowledge


Question: What must we do to defeat the Prince of Shadows and Illusions?



That which is insubstantial

As the darkest night

Cannot be defeated

Through force of might


But with courage and cunning

You may find a way

To trick him to enter

Where he must stay


In the heroís shield,

Which burst asunder

At the Angel-Demonís

Most wicked blunder


Reunite the shards

Make it whole and sound

Only then will the WORD

In a dream be found


That when chanted with power

At the World Endís Gate

Will bind his essence

And seal his fate.

Question: How do we find the room where the Mirror of Fog was hidden?


 The Knight Protector

Pledged his soul

To the Goddess whose shrine

Stands on the Green Knoll


And the Love of a Goddess

Has the power to bind

The souls of her faithful

Among those of mankind


Thus immortal grief

For him untimely dead

Preserves his frail soul

In tears that were shed


Frozen in ice that is

Warm to the touch

Seek the tears of the Goddess

Who loved and lost much


To summon his spirit

And THUS find your answer

Bring the Tears of the Goddess

To the dread Necromancer


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