Welcome to my website...


Welcome to my website. My name is Pam, and I live in beautiful Arizona.

My family and I live on an acre of land, where we have beautiful pet sheep and goats.

My hobbies are Needle Felting wool animals and writing stories and poems. I have included some of them on my website.

When I was a child, our family often visited the forest, and we would go camping. When I would gaze out the window as we were driving through the woods, it seemed the further you looked, the darker the woods became...they were wonderfully mysterious, almost enchanting. Even now when I visit the beautiful pine forest, there is something about when evening comes, it is so restful and tranquil. The woods become silent, peaceful, a place of rest. Even in the day time while deep in the forest, the shadows of the tall trees fall, creating such a peaceful atmosphere. And in the midst of the shadows, I always look for a ray of sunshine to sit in and soak up the sun.

I hope someday to live in a peaceful pine forest with my family and animals!

Please enjoy yourself....have a cup of coffee or tea and look around!


The pictures below are my 4 children, taken in the summer of 1995, in Flagstaff, AZ. My youngest is now 21. These have always been my favorite pictures of my kids! The oldest is Jesse...red head is Ben...daughter is Katy...youngest son is Jonny.

Here is my little granddaughter, Hannah. This is Jesse's little girl!