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Some people try to be cool , smart , funky whole of their lives. some are just born JaTT - ManViR JaTT


Welcome to Www.ManViRJaTT.Com. This is my personal website designed to present my ideas , my perception to online world. Music, Poetry, Technology anything and everything which defines who i am will be discussed in the blog. 


"Ik ardaas rabba enni k taufeeq dayi

chaar sajjan te chaar k shareek dayi

change maade di tangh te udeek dayi

pohncha manzil te ik oh tareek dayi"

                                                 ManViR JaTT



 All my friends are more than welcomed to join the website and give reviews and comments . I will be uploading wallpapers and videos on timely basis. Poetry section will be updated twice a week with new content everytime.



 Shoutbox or as i call it Punjabi Sathth. Leave your comments here or chat with someone online and share your views and chat with me everyday 9am or 10 pm PST.



Subscribe to my site to get all the updates and feeds. Everything or anything new coming up will be notified to all the members through this feature. Tell your friends 




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