Felixstowe Birding.

Birding the Felixstowe Penninsula by Paul Oldfield.


Located in the south of Suffolk, England the Felixstowe peninsular supports a wide range of habitats from stony beaches and saltmarsh to areas of mature woodland. It also boasts a couple of prime birdwatching sites, notably Landguard Bird Observatory (including Landguard Nature Reserve) and Trimley Marshes Nature Reserve. Landguard B.O. is managed and funded by The Landguard Conservation Trust, a voluntary organisation of dedicated people and is primarily a bird migration watch point and ringing station and is probably one of the best recorded sites on the east coast of Britain. Landguard Nature Reserve having been a Suffolk Wildlife Trust Reserve now finds itself under the 'care' of The Suffolk Coastal District Council.

Other Suffolk Wildlife Trust Reserves in the area are; Newbourne Springs, an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) which consists of a small wooded valley with spring fed streams with a small area of marsh, fen and nearby heath-land, Nacton Meadows; an area of wet meadows renowned for its Common Spotted and Southern Marsh Orchids and Levington Lagoon; a small brackish lagoon by the River Orwell.

Other good 'birding' sites include Levington Creek and reed beds, Loompit Lake, Trimley Retreat, Fagbury Cliff, Peewit Hill, Felixstowe Ferry and Kingsfleet and both the River Orwell and Deben Estuaries/Rivers which includes the Orwell Country Park and Martlesham Creek.

Though Im not a 'Suffolk Boy' and have only lived in Felixstowe since July 1994 (having lived in Bedfordshire for most of my life) I personally can not envisage living any-where else now. The birding is that good. There are so many good spots to go birding within ten miles of my house that  I and other local birder's really are spoilt for choice. Having lived in a land locked county for most of my life you really appreciate living beside the sea especially when Landguard is only up the road.  But this web site is not going to be about Landguard specifically as the Obs already has a excellent web site of its own (though no doubt we will venture there occasionally), it's going to be about the whole peninsular and its birds (and other wildlife). Hopefully I will be able to guide you round a few sites so if you should ever venture into this part of deepest Suffolk you will hopefully enjoy it as much as me. 

I am still very much a local patcher though I do get the urge to twitch occasionally, but I must admit I would rather save my money and go abroad.

I hope you enjoy my web and it is of some use to you. Any comments gratefully received, just use the link below.

Take care and good birding.  Paul.

To contact me proldfield@hotmail.co.uk

Yours truly guiding the Bedfordshire Bird Club day trip around Landguard. My thanks to Mary Sheridan for the didgy.


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