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I sell pyramids of all sizes, from my standard 7 and 8 foot pyramids, to my custom-built pyramids that can be anywhere from 10 feet to 15 feet at the base.  The ideal height of a pyramid for any person who is sitting in one is approximately 1-1/3 times the height of that person.  So if you were, say, exactly 6 feet tall, then the ideal height for your pyramid would be about 8 feet (because 6 feet x 1-1/3 = 8 feet).  The reason for this is because when you are sitting in a pyramid built to this size, your head is exactly at the level of the King's Chamber, one-third up from the base of the pyramid where the energy is the most powerful. My custom-built pyramids are designed so that your head is right in the center of the pyramid, at the King's Chamber, where the energy is most potent. So when you are focusing on a thought to manifest into your life, that thought will be amplified that much more.

All of my pyramids are cut to the exact same dimensions as that of the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt.  I use the Sacred Number Phi, or 1.618034, to calculate the precise 51º 49' slope angle that make up my pyramids.  Otherwise known as the Golden Mean Ratio, Phi, has been used in the construction of many ancient monuments--including the Great Pyramid--and is prevalent in all of nature, including yourself.  From the spirals in a snail shell to the arrangement of leaves upon a stem to the pattern of the seeds of a sunflower, it is a guiding pattern that is prevalent everywhere.

All of my pyramids are made from either high-grade douglas fir or cedar, depending upon your choice, and is sanded down to a smooth finish.  I use Douglas Fir because it is considered one of the best dimensional woods available, meaning that it will hold its straightness and not warp as much as other woods.  Cedar is also an option as it is one of the best woods for weathering the elements when it is outdoors.  Also, my pyramids are held together with dowels--not nails or screws--as they can interfere with the energy of the pyramid.  This also allows easy assembly and disassembly of your pyramid.

The Deluxe Giza PyramidMy custom-built pyramids come in two different models: The Deluxe Giza Model and the Super Deluxe Giza Model.  The Super Deluxe Giza Model is comprised of 44 individually-cut pieces of wood and is held together with 152 wooden dowels.  It is similar to the Standard Model, except it has 3 crossbeams integrated into each side, and I believe that it is the most powerful model that I make.

The Standard Giza Meditation PyramidThe Deluxe Giza Model is composed of 20 pieces, and is the same style as the 7 and 8 foot pyramids.  In order to match the ideal size for a given person, my custom-built pyramids are very large, usually between 12 to 14 feet at the base.  To accomodate those who do not have the room for a pyramid of this size indoors, my custom-built pyramids are coated with a clear Sikkens brand oil-based product in order to withstand being exposed to the elements outdoors.  Click here to learn more about Sikkens, and why many experts consider it one of the best products available for outdoor wood protection.

Close-up of one of my joints on the Deluxe Pyramid.All of my pyramids are built with the utmost quality and care.  Although perfection is an illusion and a limitation, I strive to make all of my cuts as precise as possible, and are usually to within 1/4 of one degree, and to 1/32 of one inch.




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