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How Pyramids Work


Guardian's Egypt - Hale Bopp Comet over the Pyramids at Giza - Copyright (c) 1997 - Andrew Bayuk, All Rights Reserved

Hale Bopp Comet over the Pyramids of Giza
Guardian's Egypt - Copyright © 1995-2006 Andrew Bayuk
All Rights Reserved

Pyramids are very mysterious structures, of which I believe there is still much to be discovered about how they actually work, and of all of the wondrous things that they are capable of doing.  Much of my understanding about how pyramids work and what they are capable of doing is based upon a Specialty CD on Pyramids, sold by Ramtha's School of Enlightenment in Yelm, WA.  It is a compilation of many different teachings given by Ramtha--a self-proclaimed ascended master who lived on the continent of Atlantis 35,000 years ago, and is channelled though JZ Knight.  The CD has an incredible amount of information about pyramids and its history, and I highly recommend purchasing it if you would like to know more about them.  These teachings have also been transcribed into written form in the book, "A Master's Reflection on the History of Humanity, Part II."  Both the book and the CD can be ordered through the school's website, www.ramtha.comClick here for the direct link to buying the Pyramids CD.  (No, I am not affiliated with them or get some sort of commission.) 

Pyramids come in two forms: metallic and non-metallic.  A metallic pyramid harnesses the electromagnetic field of the earth, and tends to concentrate its energies onto the surface of the pyramid, where the metal is.  These pyramids should be aligned to magnetic North to have the greatest effect.  Non-metallic pyramids, being composed of non-conductive materials like wood and stone, consist of the majority of the pyramids around the earth: from the Great One in Giza, to the ones in China and Turkey, to those that exist in North and South America.  These pyramids are said to harness the rotational inertia of the Earth, and because of this, they should be aligned to True North.  Non-metallic pyramids tend to concentrate their energies into the center of the pyramid, and thus the reason for its name "Pyr-a-mid," or "Fire-in-the-Middle."

In non-metallic pyramids, like the Great Pyramid, the greatest concentration of energy is located at what is called the King's Chamber.  This is also the geometric center of the pyramid, located at one-third up its height from its base. As with all pyramids, the geometric center of any triangle is always one-third up from its base. I have heard many people state the belief that the King's Chamber is located two-thirds up the height in the Great Pyramid, and is thus the most powerful point in any pyramid.  While this may be a powerful spot in a pyramid (simply because so many people believe it to be so, if nothing else!), it is not the geometric center of a pyramid, nor is it where the King's Chamber sits.  I have personally been inside the Great Pyramid, and as I ascended up the stairway through the Grand Gallery leading up to the King's Chamber, the energy became so intense, that it felt almost palpable.

Pyramids act as an amplifier of one's thought energy, thus if you are focusing on a thought or an idea that you want to manifest into your life, it will amplify that thought accordingly.  (Thus, be mindful of your thoughts young paduan, as your thoughts do make a difference, especially inside a pyramid!)  Also, if one is trying to clear one's thoughts, as is done in many forms of meditation, the intent of that thought is amplified, and one can go into a deeper state of focus and peace much more quickly and easily.


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