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The Truth lies beneath

Introducing the new and unique Detective Mystery Thriller of the century

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The Conspiracy - The Black Sheep Squadron Strikes Back, THE mystery/suspense thriller!
ISBN: 9781432703424, Paperback, 328 pages, $13.95                       


Sandy and Kevin Callenbow work as Detectives for a huge company overseas which is dealing with the military worldwide. They are a happily married couple with three sons, living an almost normal life.  

One day Sandy disappears without a trace. Kevin, his sons and their friends are doing everything they can to find her, alive. Their opponents do all they can to prevent Sandy from being found and try to get their hands on the youngest member of the Callenbow family, Kevin and Sandy’s son Timmy, so they can force Kevin into giving up on his lawsuit against the company because they know, it will reveal more than what Kevin thinks. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal and to protect their careers, not kidnapping and not even murder.

The top leaders of the regional area have found out a scam to skim the company off millions, one source of income they are not willing to give up.

In the meantime Sandy is trying to remember, who she is, where she is and how she got there, while at the same time she is attempting on her own to escape from her dark prison. She finds a supporting friend on the other side of the thick dark walls, which will be her ticket out. When she finally escapes from her prison and barely outruns her pursuers, it is still a long way for her to safety. Finally she will be reunited with her family, but not all the way saved.

While struggling to save their own lives, the Black Sheep Squadron, the small group of honest detectives, gains insight into the illegal activities of their leaders and are the only ones who might be able to stop the crime.

On their way they find unexpected help from the local German police and the US military police force as well as the protection they might need. But also they find more crime and greater danger.

They have to bury Sandy's mother and build a fort around their home.

Together the small group has to get to the bottom of the conspiracy against them and the company, to the man at the top and find a way to stop it all, before more people are being killed to cover up the conspiracy, while at the same time they have to make sure twelve year old Timmy is not kidnapped or harmed in any other way.

Time is running out, logical thinking, digging up evidence and lots of experience and knowledge is needed to solve the case and save lives.

When the handful of crooks in the leadership fails to get rid of Sandy and fails to kidnap Timmy, things get rolling, they are conspiring against each other, willing to sacrifice one of their own in order to keep their secrets. Once the first sacrifice is made, boldly two of them go on planning to sacrifice another partner, while the Black Sheep Squadron is closing in on them.



This book should keep you on the edge of your seat and be talked about long after the last page has been turned.



 copyright (c) Birgit and Roger Pratcher, November 2004 


Professional Review by Mystery Author Jerry Bolton:

The Conspiracy: The Black Sheep Squadron Strikes Back . . . Review
By Jerry Pat Bolton   
This article is rated "G" by the Author. 

I have just finished reading The Conspiracy: The Black Sheep Squadron Strikes by Birgit and Roger Pratcher . . . This is my review of this book.

The Conspiracy: The Black Sheep Squadron Strikes Back, by R & B Pratcher takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of surprises and ultimate fear. Kevin Callenbow and his wife Sandy, along with their son Timmy, are plunged into mortal danger. The abduction of Sandy in the beginning of the novel (which has been rumored to actually be a true story) starts things off. As Sandy is being thwarted in her escape attempts, Kevin is frantic with dread as he tries to get someone to help find her.

          As Kevin and a few of his friends and co-workers, plus the police attempt to piece together the mystery of why Sandy has been kidnapped, and where she may be, there are sinister goings on behind the scenes. Things are not as they seem and, although the good guys eventually do win the battle, it is not without a price, and that price is piece of mind, never mind murder and attempted murder. The Conspiracy: The Black Sheep Squadron Strikes is an electrifying read and one that I wholeheartedly recommend.



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