Pokemon Nonsense (ice cream!)



Team Pokepoke!

Pokemon who can go over level 100!
It consists of:

  • Bulbasaur lv. 150-160
  • Squirtle lv. 150-160
  • Vulpix lv.150-160
  • Diglett and Wilfred lv. 86
  • Snubbull lv. 61
  • Elekid lv. 47
  • Buneary lv. 61
  • Bronzor lv. 4 (genderless)


Rules of Team Pokepoke are

  1. You cannot be an evolved pokemon
  2. You must love Whipped cream
  3. You must be a wild pokemon and hate Pokeballs, getting caught, etc.
  4. You cannot attack your teammates
  5. Follow all rules

p.s. you are allowed to call Squirtle fat.


By the way, ^ THIS is Wilfred, Diglett's hand. Yes, he is part of Team Pokepoke!


This cannot be found in your video game!

Bulbasaur likes Whipped cream

and Elekid likes Forks. (weirdos)