Plymouth City Private Installations

Sub stations are often good places for finding old lighting- and Plymouth is no exception.

One high voltage compound is lit by half a dozen concrete columns complete with top entry lanterns. Although they are intact, they are no longer lit and floodlights below do the job. The lanterns include a few BTH Urban Enclosed's and a single GEC Wembley lantern which is extremely rare.

On a building in a nearby compound are a number of GEC top entry Z9491 35w SOX lanterns. There is also a lone 90w GEC Z9465 lantern on a badly spalled concrete column. This style of 'winged' column dates from the 1950s, and may even be one of the original type which were fitted with Sugg Gas lanterns.

Another compound elsewhere in the city is home to a number of GEC Z5680 post top lanterns. These may run Mercury lamps, but I have never seen them lit. These particular Z5680s are unusual, as the base casting is simpler in design to that of my own Z5680. This could indicate a later version of the lantern.

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Plymouth City Private Installations


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