Plymouth City Private Installations

A Phosco post top lantern of an unknown type is found on a private driveway. The lantern has not been seen lit, and a floodlight has been mounted lower down the column, but it still holds a standard tungsten lamp. It has been in place since at least the late 1970s. The present owners inherited the column when they moved in, so its origin is unknown. It is fed from the household private supply, and so must have been installed just as a private job, maybe for an electricity board employee?

Update November 2006: the bowl of the lantern has suddenly gone missing. Investigations revealed that engineers working on the pole adjacent damaged it, and it is now in pieces beside the column. This gave an opportunity for a look inside the lantern, and also showed that the bowl was previously etched save for the top quarter which was perfectly clear.

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Plymouth City Private Installations


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