Plymouth City Private Installations

At the entrance to a private factory carpark is an amazing survivor. It's an early 'Keep Left' bollard, of the type seen in the city during the 1950s. It's undoubtedly the only survivor, due to the vulnerable nature of their placements. Besides which, it will have no reflective capabilities, and so would not conform to today's bollard standards. It's of steel construction which sadly is rusting out quite badly in places. There are still the keep left panels in the head, although a couple have fallen down. This gives the opportunity to see the lighting unit. Although long since disused, there is still a lighting spine with a pair of small fluorescent tubes and a pair of very rusty chokes.

It would be great to rescue this relic, and it'd be quite a project restoring it to its former glory. The fact that it exists a good 30 years after its counterparts is simply extraordinary.

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Plymouth City Private Installations


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