Plymouth City Private Installations

The Royal Naval Engineering College at Manadon was closed and then the land subsequently sold off for redevelopment. Much of this is now complete, and the new housing estates have their new lighting schemes in place. Remnants of the old M.O.D. lighting does survive however, as a reminder of the site's past.

A lone Thorn Gamma 6 lantern amazingly has survived on a gate post, while the other gatepost is long gone, and the gateway built on.

The typical M.O.D. perimeter fence lighting is also still in place in patches, with runs of Thorn Beta 2s on 5m Aluminium columns left exactly as they were when switched off for the last time. Most have now let water in to the bowls and gear trays have started to rust. As the fenceline is up against private properties, there is no real reason for the columns to be removed any time soon.



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Plymouth City Private Installations


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