St Budeaux, Weston Mill & Ernesettle Lighting Pictures

A GEC Z8596 lantern running a 70w SON-I lamp. Switching is by a time clock in the column base. The column is an ornate cast type known as a 'Reigate'.

This lantern was replaced by an Urbis ZXU1 in July 2005, due to time clock removal works.

Suddenly in late October 2006, the swan neck was removed. This was probably due to unstability dicovered by routine maintenance. The column will likely be replaced.

The sole surviving Thorn Beta 7 lantern on the public streets of Plymouth:

Originally installed in 1972 with an 80w Mercury lamp and switched by a Horstmann KMK2A time clock, this example has been converted to run a 70w SON-T lamp, and has also been fitted with a NEMA photocell. Had it not, it would have been replaced long ago.

A tidy example of a once common installation across the city, this GEC Z8896 lantern and Cohen column have escaped replacement so far, and hopefully will for the near future. Originally, this column would have been group switched from a timeclock on the adjacent overhead switched wire. Luckily, when this was removed and the columns made individual, the lantern was retained and drilled for a photocell.

A road in Ernesettle is home to a pair of GEC Z8896 lanterns both switched by timeclocks. 70w SON-I lamps are run and this is probably how the lanterns were installed in the late 1970s.

Concrete column replacements mean that by July 2008, there are only a handful of these sleeved CU columns left in the city. They were quite a common sight on roads which had seen a lighting upgrade in the 1980s. Standard 5 & 6m columns had their brackets removed and steel sleeves fitted, which brought the height up to 7-8m. This was then suitable for 150w lanterns. One GEC Z8600 lantern appears to have the original RTE P5 thermal cell in place from when it and the sleeve were installed in the mid 1980s.

Update- Autumn 2008: the remaining concrete columns in the road have now been replaced by new 8m Corus steels and Philips Iridium lanterns.

This double armed column is now one of only a few left on Wolseley Road, and this is mainly down to its awkward position and column-mounted traffic signal. These 1980s 10m columns were installed with remote-geared GEC Z8600 250w SONT lanterns and RTE P5 thermal photocells. This example is pretty much in original condition, save for the modern SELC 841 photocells.

This photo also features one of the old Pearce Gowshall Keep Left Bollards, which are gradually disappearing from the city streets. These bollards are lit by an internal spine carrying twin-13w tubes.

Both old 'features' of this photo have gone by 2010, and a new steel column stands alongside a modern Simmons baselit bollard.

The early small-based version of the Thorn Gamma 6 is now a rare sight in the city, so an intact example with timeclock control is an excellent find. This one is switched by a 1979 Horstmann KMK2A, which probably dates the whole installation accurately. The lamp is now a 70w SON-I, although probably MBF/U originally. The bowl on this lantern appears to be an uncommon polycarbonate version, recognised by the characteristic yellowing.

Update- 2010: timeclock removals have seen an Urbis Aresa fitted in place of the Gamma 6,

A GEC Z5590 lantern fitted with a 70w SON-I lamp and switched by a Venner MSQP time clock. The column is a 5m CU.

Update- October 2005: the lantern has been replaced due to time clock removals.

An AC Ford AC848 lantern running a 70w SON lamp. The lantern has been fitted with a Fisher Karpark SS5 NEMA photocell. The column is a 6m CU.

The concrete columns along this road were all removed in early 2010. This example was sadly no exception.

A GEC Z8896 lantern fitted to a hockey stick column with an unusually long outreach arm.

ZXU1 lanterns have since replaced both the Z8896s pictured.

Another nearby Z8896 has an old style Fisher Karpark SS9 Part-night cell fitted.

These sleeved concrete columns date back to at the 1950s, when they had large curved bracket arms carrying GEC Z8431 'Dioptrion' lanterns. This Thorn Alpha 3 was probably fitted when the column was sleeved in the 1970s.

Update- 2009 saw these concrete columns finally replaced after a good 50 years of service.

A number of GEC Z8896 lanterns light a back lane. They are group switched by a 1962 Venner MSQP time clock. The lamps are 70w SON.

The lanterns have all been replaced by WRTL Libra's, although the timeclock is still in place controlling the stretch of lights.

A GEC Z8896 fitted with a 70w SON lamp. The 1972 Horstmann KMK2A clock switching the lantern is original, and will date back to when the column was installed with a Thorn Beta 7 80w Mercury lantern.

Update- September 2005: only a week or so after the photo was taken the lantern was replaced by an Urbis ZXU1 due to time clock removals.

This road still retains a pair of AC Ford AC848 lanterns switched by 1960s Venner MSQP time clocks. They illustrate the 2 types of outer globes found in the city.

Both concrete columns were replaced during 2009 complete with new lanterns.

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