Southway & Tamerton Lighting Pictures

An unusual installation of a GEC Z5530C lantern on a 5m CU column. The lantern is fitted with an internal glass refractor ring, but has a replacement polycarbonate outer globe. This was probably originally a rounded, clear glass type. The lamp is a 70W SON-I and control is by a part-night 1967 Venner MSQP clock.

Update- November 2005: the recent timeswitch removal works have forced the demise of this lantern. An Urbis ZXU1 is now in place.

By February 2006, the column too had been replaced and re-sited away from the kerb edge.

This 8m hexagonal steel column probably dates from the 1970s, but the Philips MA30 lantern could well be an early replacement for the original Thorn Alpha 3 lantern. This is one of the few remaining 150w MA30s left in the city, the majority being on 10m columns with 250w lamps.

Airgun pellet holes through the bowl of the lantern forced its removal in 2010. A philips Iridium is now fitted.

A nearby road is home to a pair of AC Ford AC848 lanterns. Both are switched by SELC 841 cells and run 70w SON lamps. The first is on a 5m CU concrete column with swan neck while the second, a 5m CU concrete with standard top entry bracket.

Update- August 2006: the CU column with standard bracket has now been replaced with a Corus 6m steel and Urbis ZXU1.

Update- September 2007: the 2nd concrete column has now been replaced- along with many concretes during a blitz on the area.

Also on the road is a very weird looking setup. A brand new Urbis ZXU1 lantern adorns an old Stanton concrete column. These columns were sleeved in the early 80s and fitted with GEC Z8896 lanterns. Very few Stanton columns remain.

Another Stanton concrete column can be found in the area- complete with the Z8896 lantern fitted when it was sleeved. A top entry lantern and concrete swan neck would have been replaced by the sleeve.

An AC Ford AC848 lantern with 70w SON lamp. Control is by a part-night Fisher Karpark SS54 (2-part) cell on the lantern termination box. The column is a 5m CU.

Update- September 2007: a recent blitz on concrete columns in the area has seen the old CU column removed and a new steel column erected, albeit re-sited at the back of the pathway.

The only example in the city of a Simplex Diadem Major. The lamp run is a 70w SON-I and the cell is a SELC 841.

Update- July 2007: the road has seen a replacement programme of all its old Cohen steel columns. The Simplex's column has fallen foul of these works and so now an Urbis ZXU1 is is place. 

A one-off in the city as far as I know is this GEC Z8600 lantern which was not supplied drilled for a photocell. The lantern runs a 150w SON-T lamp, and control gear is mounted in the column base. The lantern is in fact switched by a Venner MSQP timeclock, which is almost certainly unique to this column. All others in the city are fitted with NEMA photocell sockets. This GEC lantern is the early remote-geared ancestor to the common MRL6 lantern made today by WRTL.

Update- August 2007: a lighting upgrade has seen all lanterns on this part of the road replaced. The new lanterns are Philips 150w Iridiums, unusually fitted with NEMA sockets. This is to accomodate radio switching nodes which will be implemented in the near future. Sadly this old GEC Z8600 fell foul of this upgrade. An Oasis 2000 cell has been fitted until the nodes are installed.

A 70w AC Ford AC848 lantern. The bracket is an old Lucy Oxford design- dating back to the days of tungsten lanterns. The photcell controlling the lantern is seen above the control box. Sadly the fuse box cover appears to be long gone, and the aperture taped over. As of October 2007 this is the only example remaining in use in the city.

A new bracket and Urbis lantern were installed in 2010.

Further on down the road is another AC848 lantern. This one is controlled by a Venner MSQP timeswitch nearby. This bracket is actually a GEC design, and the remains of the original GEC Z5540 lantern spigot can just be seen above the AC848.

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