Plympton Lighting Pictures

A pair of GEC Z9464 lanterns on an industrial estate. These are the ONLY 2 SOX lanterns in the city of Plymouth. Both run 90w SOX lamps, and are switched by NEMA photocells. The columns are 8m British Steels. There was another pair in another industrial estate, but they were removed in 2004. Luckily one survived for my collection.

Update- March 2006: Sadly I discovered that the lanterns have now been removed. The columns have been replaced by new 8m CU steels with WRTL MRL6 150w lanterns. Thus, there are no SOX lanterns left in the city.

This Thorn Gamma 6 has somehow escaped being converted to photocell control through the years, and still relies on a Venner MSQP clock for its switching. The column is a 5m Cohen steel, and the lamp is a 70w SON-I. This will have been an 80w MBF/U in years past however.

The Cohen column was replaced in 2010 by a new Corus steel shaft.

An early Thorn Beta 79 lantern on an electricity board wood pole. This lantern was installed in around 1983, and was one of the first geared 70w SON lanterns to be found in the city. The original shallow polycarbonate bowl has been replaced with a newer deep version at some point. The SELC cell above controls this lantern and a few more further down the lane.

Update- June 2008: the lantern has been replaced with an Urbis ZXU1 lantern. This modern lantern features electronic control gear. 

The narrow streets of Plympton St Maurice are lit by wall-mounted Phosco P109 heritage lanterns. Most have lost their glass refractor rings over the years, and have been drilled for NEMA photocells. The lamps are 70w SON.

One of the few timeclocks left in Plympton can be found running an early Thorn Beta 79 lantern. Judging from the old style Bil cutout and isolator in the base, this installation is probably original to 1979 when the Horstmann clock was new. This is a first generation Beta 79 with an all-aluminium construction.

A new Urbis ZXU1 lantern was fitted in early summer 2010.

A pair of GEC Z5718 lanterns can be found along the edge of an estate access road. They were installed to light a few sections where the footpath is set back from the road's lighting. There were at least 3, but one has been replaced by a ZX1. They run 70w SON lamps and have NEMA cells on the canopies.

A Revo steel column with a Philips SGS203 150w SON lantern. There was a 90w SOX lantern of some description on this column until the road was relit in c.1993. It was possibly a GEC Z9464, or Revo Dalek, as there is evidence of these in use in the past.

The Philips lantern was replaced in early 2010 by the next generation of Philips SGS lantern- the SGS253 Iridium.

This bracket is probably the longest one in the city! The support arms are each made up of 2 of the normal length sections. The reason for the length is because the pole is set a long way back from the road. The lantern, although now a Davis GR70, would have been some top entry originally.

This 70w SON GEC Z5715 still retains its old Fisher Karpark SS9 cell; easily identifiable as the old examples have a much steeper cone than recent models.

Another GEC Z8896 lantern still hanging on switched by a clock. The lamp is a 70w SON, although it would have been a 125w MBF/U lamp originally.

Update- March 2006: the lantern and timeclock have now gone.

The shopping precinct is still home to six GEC ZD10877 lanterns running 70w SON lamps. They are on GEC ZD10890 wall mounts with the control gear in the bracket arm. All except one are switched by a minicell in a control box adjacent to one of the lanterns.

The lighting in the precinct was upgraded in early 2010 when some road improvements were undertaken. The existing wall brackets were retained, but the lanterns were replaced by Urbis ZXU1s, each with individual minicells.

The one lantern which is individually controlled is shown below. This one has an AC Ford control box below which houses a Venner MS2SP timeclock.


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