Milehouse & Stoke Lighting Pictures

A GEC Z8526 main road lantern. This is fitted with a 250w SON-T lamp and a SELC 841 photocell. The column is an 8m CU Concrete.

Update- November 2006: a road re-lighting scheme has now seen the column and lantern replaced. A re-sited 8m Corus steel columns and 150w SGS253 'Iridium' lantern are now in place.

A GEC Z8896 lantern on an extension bracket in Victoria Park. The column is a 5m Stewart & Lloyd which has been extended up to 6m with a bracket. The lamp is 70w SON-T and control is by group switched wire.

A nice view of a rear access lane which still retains its compliment of cast columns. The swan necks were installed in the early 1970s when the columns were electrified from gas. Lanterns originally were 80w MBF/U GEC Z8896s. This particular pair would have been removed c1993 judging by the Davis GR70 lanterns fitted. 

A number of Phosco P351 lanterns can be found around the leisure centre at Central Park, each running 150w SON-T lamps. Minicells fitted on the underside of the base casting switch the lanterns, which on dull days can be on quite early.

Now one of only a handful in the city, this Thorn Beta 79 is a first generation example which was supplied in unpainted aluminium finish. This example is not even drilled for a NEMA socket; relying on a timeclock in the control box for switching. A 70w SON-T lamp is run and this would have been one of the first lanterns supplied with SON lamps back in the late 70s/early 80s.

Update- October 2007: the lantern has now been replaced due to timeswitch removals. A minicelled Urbis ZXU1 with electronic gear is now in place.

Further down the road is another cast column and swan neck. This time there is still an old top entry lantern fitted: an AC Ford AC848. A photocell (Haromarkt S90) has been fitted to the lantern canopy in the past when the timeclock was removed.

A GEC Z8896 lantern looking pretty much as it would when installed. Although a timeclock was probably fitted originally, the replacement P10 photocell will have been in place for a good 30 years itself.

A casualty of concrete column replacements, this column has now been removed.

A brand new installation in the form of a WRTL Libra lantern with 36w PL/L lamp. These are beginning to see use on inner city lanes in place of 70w SON lanterns. The energy savings would be quite noticiable in the long term.

A Thorn Gamma 6 lantern running a 70w SON-I lamp and switched by a 1963 Venner MSQP time clock. The clock would have been fitted when the column was installed, along with an 80w MBF/U Eleco PT828 lantern. Due to timeclock removals, very few un-celled Gamma 6s remain. The column is a 5m Stewart & Lloyd.

Update- 2010: this lantern was replaced by an Urbis ZXU1 due to timeswitch removals.

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