Leigham, Estover & Mainstone Lighting Pictures

A GEC Z5718 lantern running a 70w SON-T lamp and controlled by a SELC 841 photocell. This lantern dates from the 1980s, and so has probably always run a SON lamp.

Update- September 2007: the Z5718 has now been replaced with an Urbis ZXU1 lantern.

The Leigham estate was constructed with through roads, cul-de-sacs and also lots of pedestrian 'walks'.

The roads were generally lit with 5m Concrete Utilities columns holding GEC Z8896 lanterns. Only a few examples remain today, and these have been converted to 70w SON and have photocells fitted.

The footpaths were lit again using 5m concrete columns, but this time fitted with post-top GEC Z5670 lanterns. The lamps were originally 80w Mercury, but the last of these was removed in 2004. A few Z5670s remain, along with the slightly later Z5679 type, which run 70w SON-T lamps and have factory fitted NEMA photocell sockets.

A large estate in the Estover area had very similar lighting to Leigham, and I presume that they are from a similar era. Again the roads are lit by GEC Z8896 lanterns, while footpaths are lit by GEC Z5670 lanterns. Originally all were controlled by time clocks, but now most have been removed. Some have been converted to photocells, but most have been replaced by new Urbis ZX1/ZXU1 lanterns. All old lanterns now run 70w SON lamps.

A few celled Z8896s survive on their 5m Stewart & Lloyd steel columns.

Amazingly, a few Z5670s survive with their original time clocks still in use. Most however have been replaced by either post top lanterns like Thorn Gamma 6s or Industria 2015s, or by side entry Urbis ZX1s and stub brackets.

This particular Z5670 has now been replaced by an Urbis Aresa PLL lantern.

A casual replacement found is a GEC Z5699 lantern. This lantern contains the control gear for a 70w SON-T lamp inside the base of the lantern, much like the Thorn Gamma 6. This lantern probably dates from the mid to late 1980s.

Yet another estate, this time in the Mainstone area, had the mercury lamped GEC Z8896 and Z5670 combination for the lighting scheme. Now though, all Z5670s have disappeared, and the few remaining Z8896s converted to photocell control.

Amazingly, one lone Z8896 has survived the various replacements, and still is switched by a part-night Venner timeclock. The Cohen column is typical of the late 60s/1970s lighting in many Plymouth areas. Later installations used the Z8896, as shown here.

Update- June 2008: the column has now been replaced. A new 6m Corus steel and Urbis ZXU1 lantern are now in place.

One particular footpath had two Z5670s lighting it. These were both removed due to time clock removals in 2004. Luckily, I managed to save them both. One I kept while the other now resides in Mike Barford's collection. The ZX1s which were fitted in place of the post-tops are shown below.

An 8m Fabrikat column up by the Wrigleys factory still retains its Philips MA30 remote-geared lantern. This would have been installed c1981, and will have run a 150w SON lamp from new.

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