Ham & Pennycross Lighting Pictures

The Beacon Park area is still home to a number of cast iron columns, but only this one can be found still fitted with an 'old' lantern. This AC Ford AC848 lantern probably dates from around 1980, and would have been one of the first types of lantern to run a 70w SON lamp. Although it now has a Fisher Karpark SS5 cell mounted on the canopy, it would have been controlled by a timeswitch originally. This is one of the few styles of cast column which has a base compartment, and therefore facilities for a service cutout mounted at ground level. .

The use of Holophane Syracuse lanterns across Plymouth has only ever been on new lighting schemes. There are however a couple of exceptions. This 100w Syracuse was removed from a road which was relit, and because it was still perfectly serviceable, was re-used on Ham Drive in place of a failed 150w Thorn Alpha 8 lantern.

A GEC Z8596 lantern fitted with a 70w SON lamp. The lantern has been drilled for a NEMA socket and equipped with an SS5 cell. It would originally have been Mercury lamped and switched by a time clock. The column is a Cohen steel.

Update- September 2005: this is now the last Z8596 lantern in the city running a 70w SON-T lamp. Its only reason for survival is that it does not have a time clock, but a photocell. There is one other example, but that runs a Mercury lamp.

Sadly, the luck of the lantern may soon run out. The road is in the process of being relit and unusually for the area, new columns have been installed near the existing columns. This is due to improving the lighting levels, rather than just replacing the old columns. Although it is still lit now (17th Feb 2006), it will probably be removed in the coming weeks.

Update- July 2006- the column & lantern were finally removed early this month, as the re-sited new columns were serviced.

A brand new installation now for October 2007. An old cast column and swan neck has been replaced with a 5m steel column and WRTL 'Libra' lantern running 36w PL/L fluorescent lamp. These are seeing inceasing use on inner city lanes where column replacement is carried out.

A number of AC Ford AC848 lanterns fitted to Stanton concrete columns with swan necks. The lamps are 70w SON and switching is by individual time clocks.

Update- October 2005: due to time clock removals, 4 of the 5 remaining AC848 lanterns have now been removed.

The lone remaining example- as of October the 30th 2005. This is in fact now the only Stanton column left in use with a top entry lantern. Luckily the lantern survived the above timeclock cull and is still in use by 2008.

Update- July 2008: sadly, replacement has eventually come around, and the column has been removed. The modern column and lantern are no match for the wonderful 1950s Stanton concrete swan neck design.

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