Eggbuckland & Efford Lighting Pictures

This rural footpath in Eggbuckland village is now home to a revolutionary streetlighting installation in the city. LED lighting was installed along its length in May 2009, replacing the WRTL Libra lanterns fitted previously. The lanterns are manufactured by Lumis, and feature 4 LED modules each consisting of red & green LED chips. The light output at night is perfectly good enough to light the path, while power consumed is in the region of 24w.

This old GEC Z5530 'Brookvale' lantern is a rare survivor in the city, and indeed only a couple survive with the clear glass bowl. The lamp is now a 70w SON-T, but it would have been an 80w Mercury lamp originally. The column is switched by a 1963 Venner MSQP time-clock, which is very probably original to the Concrete Utilities column.

Update- October 2005: Sadly, the time clock removals forced the demise of this lantern, and the column now sports an Urbis ZXU1.

Nearby a GEC Z5590 can be found on a similar column, also controlled by a time clock. Again, the lamp is a 70w SON.

Update- October 2005: damage to the base of the column has forced its replacement, although had it remained, the lantern would have almost certainly been replaced anyway. A ZXU1 on a brand new 6m column has been installed.

A relic from the 1980s, the GEC Z5715 is still a common sight across the city in housing estates dating from that era. What is less common is to find one still controlled by a timeswitch. This example in Efford has a Horstmann KMK2A clock which will have been installed with the lantern on its 5m British Steel column.

An Urbis ZXU1 lantern replaced this lantern in early 2010.

This 70w GEC Z5679 lantern is mounted on a very old Concrete column, probably dating from the 1950s. The finish is a lot rougher than later concrete columns, and I believe the maker to be CU, but it could possibly be a GEC column. What lantern was originally fitted is unknown.

A GEC Z8896 lantern running a 70w SON lamp and controlled by group switching. The unusual thing about this lantern is the outer globe which is slightly different to the standard ones. The clips and hinge are rivetted on, rather than moulded into the bowl.

Update- September 2006: gradual replacement of gear-in-base lanterns has forced the removal of this Z8896. A new Urbis ZXU1 is now in place.

A GEC Z5590 lantern survives for the time being on a 5m CU concrete column on an Efford housing estate. The lamp is a 70w SON-I, and control is by a Venner MSQP time clock.

Update- October 2005: another clock down- the Z5590 has now been replaced by a new Urbis ZXU1.

This Thorn Gamma 6 still relies on a timeclock for its nightly switching. The clock is a part-night Venner MSQP. The lamp is a 70w SON-I type.

Timeclock removals forced the replacement of this lantern in 2010.

A common installation in the area was a GEC Z8896 lantern on a 5m column, switched by a Venner MSQP time clock. Due to the removal of time clocks through the city, most have been replaced, amazingly this example still remains; but for how long? It runs a 70w SON-I lamp.

The lantern survived the timeclock cull of 2005 and is still in place over 5 years later.

Probably the oldest concrete columns in the city can be found forgotten on an Efford footpath. The two elderly columns are sandwiched between two low over-bridges, which has stopped any HIAB lorries getting near, and they have just been left derelict since probably the late 1940s early 1950s. No service remains in the column bases and the lanterns are long gone. Considering their age however, the columns and brackets are in immaculate condition.

A pair of cast columns: the first carrying a GEC Z8896 lantern, the second a Simplex Diadem. Both run 70w SON lamps, although the GEC would have run a Mercury lamp when new. The style of swan neck that the Simplex is mounted on suggests that maybe a Revo Prefect lantern was the predecessor to today's lantern.

Update- August 2008: both columns were replaced in the same day, and now a pair of re-sited 6m Corus steel columns with Urbis lanterns light the street.

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