Derriford, Glenholt & Roborough Lighting Pictures

A GEC Z8896 mounted on a very short British Steel column and 'Parkway' extension bracket. These extra short columns are along a road adjacent to the city airport; hence their height.

The lantern was since replaced by an Urbis ZXU1.

As of 2009 this is one of only 2 GEC Z8526 lanterns remaining in the city. This was GEC's version of the Thorn Alpha 3, whose popularity far outstripped that of the Z8526 across Plymouth. These early versions of the lantern have the characteristic blue painted canopy; a feature which was dropped in favour of polished aluminium in later examples.

A GEC Z5590 mounted on a 5m CU concrete column and swan neck. The lamp is a 70w SON-I and control by a time clock. There was another Z5590 nearby but this was removed due to a cracked column.

Update- October 2005: the column has been replaced by a 6m Corus steel.

An AC Ford AC848 lantern running a 70w SON-T lamp. Control is by a SELC 841 cell and the column is again a CU concrete.

Update- May 2006: this AC Ford lantern has now been replaced- strangely, by an old Urbis ZX1. This is likely one that was removed from somewhere and was perfectly good to be reused.

This GEC Z5590 is now (as of November 2005) the only remaining example in the city. It runs a 70w SON lamp. It is group switched- probably the main reason for its survival.

A Davis PT1187SC lantern on a housing estate pathway. Control is by an RTE P5 cell on the lantern and I believe the lamp is a 70w SON. This is the only example in the city that I have found.

A rare sight in the city can be found in Roborough: a pair of Eleco PT828 lanterns. Although now 70w SON, they would originally have run MBF lamps. Control is by individual Venner MSQP clocks dating to 1970. They could be the date of the lanterns' installation. The columns are actually under the jurisdiction of Devon County, if it had been Plymouth City they would very likely have already been replaced.

Update: the whole road was relit in 2008 utilising the latest Devon specification. Galvanised Mallatite columns have gone in complete with Urbis Sapphire 1 lanterns running 45 Cosmopolis lamps.

Also on the road are a GEC Z5699 lantern, fitted with a 70w SON lamp and a SELC 841 cell.

A Thorn Gamma 6 for 70w SON lamp and controlled by a time clock.

And finally a GEC Z8896 lantern, also switched by a time clock. The column is a 5m CU concrete.

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