Crownhill, Whitleigh & Honicknowle Lighting Pictures

This Whitleigh footpath is lit by a pair of Thorn Gamma 6 lanterns which are both still controlled by Venner MSQP timeclocks. The lamps are 70w SON (although this would have been 80w MBFU originally) and the columns are 5m Cohen steels. Timeclocks are now a rare find across the city, and so for there to be two together is very unusual.

The first Gamma 6 has now been replaced by an Urbis Aresa 36w PLL lantern. This took place in early summer 2010 during a brief spell of timeswitch removals.

Although 36w PL-L WRTL Libra lanterns are now a common sight across the city, they were first trialled in the 55w size. One of the first locations was this footpath in Whitleigh which had its old 70w SON lighting replaced with a new scheme of Libra lanterns on mid-hinged columns.

This GEC Z8691 is very rare and is the only example to be found in the city. The lamp used is a 70w SON-I, and control is by a SELC 841 cell on the pole adjacent.

Update- October 2007: A lighting upgrade in the road has seen all the old brackets replaced. Therefore this Z8691 has now gone, replaced by an Urbis ZXU1 on a new pole bracket.

Also on the road are a couple of AC Ford AC848s on ornate Lucy Oxford top entry brackets. These would have held open tungsten lanterns originally. These are probably a couple of the oldest surviving brackets in the city.

Update- October 2007: these two AC848s have also been swept away by new pole brackets and Urbis ZXU1 lanterns.

A Thorn Gamma 6 lantern which is still controlled by a timeclock; in this case a part-night 1963 Venner MSQP. The lamp is a 70w SON-E and the column a 5m CU concrete.

The column has been replaced by a 5m Pudsey Diamond mid-hinged column complete with WRTL Libra lantern.

When Crownhill Rd was re-lit in c1974, 10m columns with Thorn Alpha 3 lanterns were installed. An interloper however exists in the form of a GEC Z8526 lantern. Whether this was a later casual replacement, or was an original trial is unknown. It is however the only one on the road, and one of only two left in the city today. It runs 250w SON-T.

A nearby road also has a couple of rare survivors. A Pair of Revo Prefects complete with glass outer globes. The lanterns run 70w SON-T lamps, which would probably have originally have been Mercury lamps. They are controlled by time clocks.

Update- May 2007: the road has now been re-lit. New steel columns have been fitted with Urbis ZXU1 lanterns. These have been re-sited to ensure the road is lit to modern standards. Sadly the Prefects have both now been removed. I managed to get a shot showing the works mid-way with old & new still in place. 

A GEC Z5590 is also still to be found. This example has lost its internal glass refractor ring sadly. The lamp is a 70w SON-T and switching is by a time clock.

Update- October 2005: the lantern has succumbed to the removal of time clocks and has been replaced by an Urbis ZXU1.

A 70w SON GEC Z8896 mounted on a Cohen steel column. The column would have been fitted with a post top lantern when installed, but the Z8896 was fitted along with a tubular bracket in the 1980s. Control is by some sort of minicell- possibly a 2-part type.

Update- September 2007: the Cohen column has now been replaced with a re-sited 6m Corus steel column and Urbis ZXU1 lantern.

Adjacent to the bridge over the A38 are a couple of unusual lanterns. The first is a Thorn Gamma 3, mounted on a 6m column. The second is a GEC Z5718 lantern, mounted on an 8m column. The Thorn lantern is switched by a Royce Thompson P12 minicell, and the GEC a SELC 841 NEMA cell. Both run 150w SON lamps. The Gamma 3's close proximity to the bridge has left it prone to vandalism; the outer globe receiving a number of holes.

Update- April 2006: the Gamma 3 has now been replaced- presumably due to its poor condition. A WRTL MRL6 was fitted.

Update- June 2007: the GEC Z5718 has now gone too. A Philips Iridium SGS253 has been fitted.

Along this road four AC Ford AC848 lanterns remain. They are switched by 2 time clocks controlling the overhead switched wire. The lamps are 70w SON. The brackets are GEC, and judging by the finials, originally had GEC Brookvale lanterns fitted.

Due to timeswitch removals, in 2010 all 4 AC Ford lanterns were replaced and the timeclocks taken out. All the new Urbis lanterns are now individually controlled.

A GEC ZD10877 lantern by a shopping precinct. The lamp is a 70w SON-I and control is by a SELC 841 photocell. There were a couple more but they have been gradually replaced due to deteriorated condition.

This lantern too was eventually replaced by a 2nd Hand Urbis ZX1 lantern in 2009.

An AC Ford AC848 lantern mounted via a top-to-side entry bracket to a 5m CU concrete column. The lantern is controlled by a SELC 841 photocell.

Update- Spring 2008: the column has now been replaced with a 6m Corus steel and new lantern.

A GEC Z8896 lantern running a 70w SON-I lamp. The column is a 6m which would originally have been installed in the early 1970s with a Thorn Beta 7 fitted. The original capacitor dated to 1972 is still installed. The original Horstmann clock from 1972 has been replaced at some point by an older 1969 Venner MSQP clock.

Update- 2010 saw the replacement of this lantern due to timeclock removals.

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