City Centre & Stonehouse Lighting Pictures

An Atlas Gamma 4 lantern fitted with a pair of 250w SON-T lamps. Switching is by a SELC 841 cell. The column is the original one installed with the lantern, and has a double door to assist with all the control gear. These lanterns have been in place since the 1960s it is believed, so are doing well to survive.

Another Gamma 4 lantern, this time one of two larger diameter examples in the area. These run 3 250w SON-T lamps and light a car-park. The columns were replaced a few years ago, and there was quite a job to squeeze 3 250w gear sets into the single base compartment of an 8m column!

Installed in the late 1970s, this Thorn Alpha 3 on its 10m CU concrete column replaced the 1950s GEC fluorescent lighting that was installed throughout the city centre after the war. Now this example is the only one left in the city centre itself, and it too will probably be removed in the not too distant future.

This column was replaced in 2009 with a second hand 10m Fabrikat column and Metcraft Shelley lantern to match the rest of the scheme on the road.

A one-off in the city is this heritage style lantern on a roundabout in the Millbay area of the city. It appears to be an old DW Windsor 'Westminster' lantern and it runs a 70w SON-T lamp. The column is an old Plymouth cast type, which have been in use since the late 1800s.

A pair of GEC Z8896 lanterns running a 70w SON lamps. The columns are 5m Cohens, and control is by a time switch & Fisher Karpark 2-part cell respectively.

Update- October 2005: as expected, the lantern switched by a timeclock was replaced in early October as the mass removal of clocks continues.

Update- October 2007: the 2nd Z8896 has now gone too. This is due to column replacements in the area.

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