Plymouth City Mercury Lighting

Eggbuckland- This is the only GEC Z8596 lantern left running a Mercury lamp in the entire city. There was a second example, but it was removed in December 2004- luckily entering My Collection. This last example runs an 80w MBF/U lamp and is switched by a Venner MSQP clock. The original choke has been changed at some point and a Simplex example fitted in place of it. The column is a Cohen steel. There were hundreds of these lanterns across the city in residential areas, but the removal of Mercury lamps and time clocks has seen all disappear save for this one.

Update- February 2006: the lamp has failed, and sadly that could cause the removal of the lantern.

Update- 22nd February 2006: the lantern has now been fitted with a brand new MBF/U lamp- but its future is still uncertain.

Update- Spring 2008: sadly now the column has been removed.

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Plymouth Mercury Lighting


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