Plymouth City Mercury Lighting

City Centre- A GEC Z5680 lantern running a mercury lamp. The lantern is on a set of steps on a council building. The lamp when lit is very green, which suggests it has not been changed in years. The seal has come loose from around the canopy and can be seen hanging down. The lantern is controlled by a timeclock inside the staircase.

Sadly, the lantern was removed during August 2007 and replaced with a double armed bracket & 2 new Tamlite 'Tamgrove' lanterns.

Another visit found the timeswitch still in, showing how green the lamp is! The clock appears to be set so that the lantern is lit during office hours- whether this is intentional or not is unknown.

Z5680 lanterns are not used on the city streets, and the only examples in the area can be found on private land, such as Sewage Works or Sub Stations.

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Plymouth Mercury Lighting


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