Plymouth City Mercury Lighting

Barbican- At the same site as Mercury Installation #1, are more private GEC Z5670 lanterns. These versions run 80w MBF/U lamps and are mounted on GEC wall mount brackets. These brackets house the control gear inside the outreach arm. There are about 14 of these lanterns left now; a couple having been replaced in the past. All have very yellowed outer globes now, and most have dull, green lamps. They are controlled by timeclocks inside the flats, which also control the stairwell lighting.

Update- August 2008: a lot of these wall mounted lanterns have recently been converted to 70w SON lamps. This is presumably to improve the lighting levels as the old lamps were pretty much useless. Luckily about 6 or 7 still survive with the original 80w MBF/U lamps.

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Plymouth Mercury Lighting


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