Plymouth City Mercury Lighting

North Hill- The GEC Z8896 lantern and 5m Fabrikat column was once a very common sight across inner-city back lanes. Hundreds were installed in the 1970s complete with 80w MBF/U lamps and switched by time clocks. The removal of time clocks and mercury lamps has seen all but a handful removed, and by 2006 there are only 3 left in the city. These lucky 3 have only survived as they are not on the streetlighting inventory. A few more Z8896s survive but have been converted to 70w SON lamps and drilled for NEMA cells. This particular lantern is controlled by a Sangamo clock, but this is faulty and the lamp is burning constantly. The colour of the lamp shows that it has not been changed in a good few years, and has actually been on-by-day for 5 years at least.

Update- November 2006: sadly the lantern was found in the end, and it succombed to replacement. A re-used Urbis ZX1 has been fitted in place of the Mercury lantern.

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Plymouth Mercury Lighting


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