Plymouth City Mercury Lighting

A back lane containing two Z8896 lanterns running 80W MBF/U lamps. This was once the scene in every back lane across the city, but now it is extremely rare to find one Mercury lamp, let alone two. I don't believe the columns are on the streetlighting record, which explains their survival.

The first is mounted on an unusual, fairly ornate cast column, with an AC Ford control box and swan neck. This lantern carries a SELC 841 cell, which also switches the other two columns in the lane. This would originally have been a Sangamo time switch. The Z8896 would have been fitted with the AC Ford box and bracket, probably in the 1970s. Once a common sight only a couple survive.

This second lantern is mounted on an 5m steel column, which I believe is made by Fabrikat. The polycarbonate outer globe on this example is possibly the original one, and has badly yellowed over the years. The lamp is also old, and is pretty dim at night. The Z8896 would have been fitted with the column, again, probably in the 1970s. Only a handful survive with the original lanterns.

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Plymouth Mercury Lighting


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