Plymouth City Mercury Lighting

Hartley- An unusual installation here is a private Thorn Beta 7 lantern running an MBF/U lamp. When I first discovered the lantern in 2003, the cell was faulty, leaving the lantern on-by-day. It showed that the lamp had not been changed for years as it was dim and green. I revisited the lantern in 2004 and found that the lamp had been replaced and the photocell repaired. The anti-vandal outer globe had now gone missing though. A number had now been painted on the column, suggesting that it may have been adopted by the council. I thought that now the lantern was sure to be replaced, but as yet (November 2005) it is still in place.

Update- 24th March 2006: the lantern has now been replaced by an Urbis ZXU1.

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Plymouth Mercury Lighting


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